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Ponys: Celebration Castle

Ponys: Celebration Castle

Label:In The Red
Release Date:2005

By Andrew Earles | Posted 5/18/2005

Those trying to stay true to a transparent and tired garage-punk DIY handbook that shouldn’t exist will continue to throw the expected Television or first-wave postpunk popular-kids nods (two things that should probably never be spoken of again) at the Ponys. The Cure thing is back, as “We Shot the World” is a scrappy Seventeen Seconds (the song and album) through and through, but the focus should be what else happens here: Jered Gummere does frequently sound like a choppy Tom Verlaine with a Robert Pollard English affectation, and since second/third album Feelies, the Lightning Seeds, the Wedding Present, and the Close Lobsters happened after punk, the “postpunk” scapegoat holds true. These 10 memory-sparkers are sure to warm the hearts of a select few teenage chronic masturbators that spent the late ’80s taping MTV’s 120 Minutes, before indie Britrock got discordant or decided to dance and introduce the world to baggy clothing.

Jered is just the primary voice heard, and his backup guns deviate the Ponys further from their still fortuitous nuevo garage roots (they remain revered by this scene and remain on In the Red): Bassist Melissa Elias does a mid-’90s scratchy but tuneful (and probably unwitting) impersonation of long-lost vocalisms of Tiger Trap or Autoclave, and other-dude guitarist Ian Adams is a singer of high-register popdom (think those previously mentioned jangle bands). Celebration Castle is one happy picture of success, meaning, of course, creative success, and is an unquestionable inductee into the Great-Second-Album club.

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