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Glaz Almaz: A Hemorrhage in the Brain Becomes a Contusion for All

Glaz Almaz: A Hemorrhage in the Brain Becomes a Contusion for All

Release Date:2005
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Glaz Almaz

By Bret McCabe | Posted 6/29/2005

Catonsville’s weirdest noise-rock duo casts a fine shadow of multiple personality disorders with its 10-song debut album. Alec Sputnik and Brian Shannon know their way around the hair-farming metal shout (the almost bridge-burning “heys” in “The [New] Empire State”), the thrash riff (“Knives,” “Three Six”), and the goofy pun (song title “Aurora Knights”). What pushes Glaz Almaz in mirthful bizarro world is how Sputnik and Shannon short-circuit the urge to roll over fully into complacent seriously rocking band and instead mock just about every cool groove and boss riff in their arsenal. “Knives” evolves into something straight out of a really overcaffeinated role-playing video-game session once the lyrics kick in, and that you can’t tell if Glaz Almaz is being serious about its only kinda spooky vocal distortion or just taking the piss outta underground extreme music is part of the fun. Even better is the schizoid sloppy jazzy guitar-and-drums tomfoolery in “This Brick Works,” which switches from dorky-pretty to feedbacking line and back and doesn’t much care about making sense. If the guys in Orthrelm had more of a sense of humor and wanted to talk to girls, the end result might be something like Hemorrhage. For more information, visit

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