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Leprechaun Catering: Untitled

Leprechaun Catering: Untitled

Label:Megaphone Records
Release Date:2005
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Leprechaun Catering

By Bret McCabe | Posted 6/29/2005

Local spontaneous music man Jason Willett resurrects his Megaphone Records with the latest CD from his duo with Tom Boram, Leprechaun Catering, the follow-up to last year’s gooey Kumquats and Lychees. Think of this new CD as LC’s Let It Bleed: Willett and Boram’s totally batshit electronics-and-beats chemistry remains an exothermic cauldron, but something is going on that takes everything into some darker regions of the brain. Opener “Barbaric Sports” coughs and sputters into life like a newborn foal before settling into a hypnotic, jittery low-tone huffing that sounds like that murky tunnel vision you get from inadvertently taking a bong hit laced with PCP. An excited keyboard line and rackety rhythm collage conspire to action-paint an anxious crowded street in “Shirt System,” where electronic noises, beeps, whistles, and whooshing sirens make you feel isolated on a slowly shrinking median strip while trying to cross the highway. A bag of pissed-off beetles kicks down a drum-kit door at the start of “Persian Landlord,” which settles into a laser-tag match between a high-hat kick beat ribbons of tones panning between channels and rushing overhead. And do not, repeat, do not listen to the kinky praying-mantis orgy of “Amplified Strudel” through headphones when alone after midnight, because you will have trouble falling asleep. Live, Leprechaun Catering remains the comically oddest of the oddballs, but with this release Willett and Boram show they can even freak out the freaky. For more information, visit

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