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K-Swift: Strictly for Da Streets: Vol. 3

K-Swift: Strictly for Da Streets: Vol. 3

Release Date:2005
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By Bret McCabe | Posted 6/29/2005

K-Swift’s remix of Blackstar’s “Got My Gun” is shaping up to be the local summer jam, much the way Bossman’s “Oh” ruled the local airwaves summer ’04. A head-punching beat is sculpted out of a booming gunshot and the sound of a window shattering, a heart-racing adrenaline-spike complement to the chanted “You keep on fucking around/ I’m gonna go get my gun,” of which the looped “my gun” becomes the hook. And K-Swift’s remix, front-loaded onto her latest underground CD-R, kick-starts a 38-track club-music sprint through a hook-filled, nonstop land of party-going-on summer wilding. The song fades into a slice of Blackstar’s “Put Your Handz Up”—“put your hands up like a gun up in the air,” call and response—which K-Swift mixes into a jazzy horn break and machine-gun drum fill spiked with cascades of screamed voices that settle into a summery groove. She’s not slowing things up, though. Soon, she cuts into “Let’s Go (Remix),” which chases you down a dark alley into a dark, sweaty room where Rod Lee’s “Hit That Ass” is cooing and oohing “hit that ass from the back” before K.W. Griff’s “Don’t Make” twists video-game sounds and gunshots into a percolating menace. Large and in charge gals get some love from King Tut’s “Big Girl Theme”—“I wanna big girl/ Because she the one that can fuck me better”—which Swift spices with fireworks of noises and a barrage of drum slaps, before running through the Baltimore representing string of Griff’s “Hood Up,” Lee’s scorching “Hey Ryders Anthem,” and Manny’s “We Represent.” And we’re only halfway through the party, and not even to those songs you hear pouring out of cars on Friday night, like Blackstar’s “Get Yur Handz Up” and Lee’s banging “I Got Problems” (called “Dance My Pain Away” on Lee’s latest mix CD). If you’re not catching K-Swift’s mix shows on 92Q or seeing her in the clubs, this CD-R is one of the few ways to hear what is keeping bodies moving well into the morning hours on the weekend. For more information, visit

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