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Lil' Mo: Dem Boyz

Lil' Mo: Dem Boyz

Label:Roun’Table Entertainment
Genre:R & B

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/6/2005

More R&B gals should objectify men with as much cheeky verve as Lil’ Mo does on “Dem Boyz.” Her new album, Syndicated: The Lil’ Mo Hour, isn’t slated for release until fall, but ever since this song started peppering local R&B stations, it’s become a immediate pick-me-up for any drab day. The bob and shimmy kick-drum, rollicking whistle, and saucy horn blasts set a party scene as immediately as Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” and it’s the ideal body-rock for this what-ladies-want jam. Flipping the switch on crunk MCs who see the gal buying public as either baby machines or booty-delivery systems, Mo turns guys into meal tickets to new shoes. “If you want to push my buttons/ don’t slow down let’s spend a little something,” Mo sings in her brassy voice before inviting all her ladies to get with her and sing, “I like dem boyz with dollars/ I like dem boyz with cash/ so daddy spend it on me, yeah.” The discombobulating disco backbeat smile keeps the song from wandering into money-hungry bitchesville while remaining one of the more pelvic pulses on radio right now. And that it so gleefully calls its deep pockets boyz instead of mens is the icing on this booty-quake cake.

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