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The New Flesh: Filth and Degradation Volume One

The New Flesh: Filth and Degradation Volume One

Release Date:2005
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The New Flesh

The New Flesh plays a CD-release party at the Sidebar July 22.

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/13/2005

Noise trio the New Flesh rights the wrongs of its virtually nonexistent recorded output with two CDs this year. The 15-track Filth and Degradation is the live/home recording you knew these guys—Jason Donnels (bass/vocals), Danny Propert (guitar/vocals), and Rick Weaver (drums)—had in them: Its scraggly photocopied black-and-white cover, hand-scrawled track listings, and wiggified pull-out drawing of what could be a masked Mexican wrestler in need of shock treatment recalls Siltbreeze’s early-1990s subterranean releases. And the music isn’t too far from that vibe either: totally in-the-red guitar feedback, choking vocal chords, and wild-animal drum pummel scraping at the ceiling of amplifiers’ limits broken by nonsensical asides, a deadpan voice sighing, “Yeah, cosmic cockroach experience.” A trilogy of songs—“Unfinished I-III”—map the best of what the New Flesh does here: plodding, total-nightmare screams down dark alleys (“I”), guitars as dull knives insufficiently sawing at skin (“II”), and an insatiable throb spazzing out like a heart trying to find regular beat to stay alive (“III”).

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