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The New Flesh: Parasite!

The New Flesh: Parasite!

Label:Maelstrom Recordings
Release Date:2005
Genre:Hard Rock/Metal
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The New Flesh

The New Flesh plays a CD-release party at the Sidebar July 22.

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/13/2005

Parasite! is a different matter altogether [than Filth and Degradation Volume One]. Its nine bombs sound jettisoned from Touch and Go, Amphetamine Reptile, or Treehouse Records circa 1989. Weaver’s drums punch holes in buzzing air, which Donnels and Propert fill with piercing blasts and terrorized vocals. Opener “Scratch and Bleed” might very well be named for what produced its ear-piercing skree. “Plastic “ lurches along its fractured bass-and-drums throb with an askew gait, vocals snippets barely sifting through the mettle like underwater cries for help. And in “Wage Slave” and “Friend of Mine,” the New Flesh have two fantastically evil eye pokes: “Wage Slave” a humming blast of Bastards-kinda steamroller rock, and “Friend of Mine” one of those eerily hypnotic soundtracks to young-adult alienation carved in noise, on par with Drunks With Guns’ “Wonderful Subdivision” and Cherubs’ “Wornout Balls.”

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