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Missy Elliott: On and On

Missy Elliott: On and On

Release Date:2005
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/13/2005

Missy Elliott’s blazing hot streak with ingeniously wacky dance-floor hip-hop is so deep that she was bound to fall. So while her new The Cookbook isn’t as revolutionary as her past—OK, her entire—output, a few songs reinvent beats in fabulously silly ways. Forget the conventional Missy jitterbug of current radio single “Lose Control.” The Neptunes find a goofy approach to their aviator-shades shine with “On and On,” turning a squishy video-game fade—think Frogger gone funky—into a booty bounce that sounds like hopping across the moon. Pharrell Williams even turns the phoned-in bridge into a verbal taunt, coughing, “Ah, ah, on, ah, ah, on/ Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah/ Ah, ah, on and it’s . . . ” Over this outta-space walk, Missy lays down her topsy-turvy twist on old-school bragging that sounds both playground casual and sharply polished. “Misdemeanor always make MCs feel small,” she squeaks like the distant kin of Minnie Mouse and Mae West. “Stick you on the table with a plastic cup/ Say grace, then eat ya ass up.” Save Jay-Z, nobody gets more mileage out of the mere sounds of street slang than Missy, turning nasal vowels and dropped consonants into line breaks and rhyme schemes, and in the process invests them with Technicolor personality.

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