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The Cribs: The New Fellas

The Cribs: The New Fellas

Release Date:2005

By Cole Haddon | Posted 8/24/2005

“Take drugs! Don’t eat! Have contempt for those you meet!”—how can you not get behind lyrics like that? The best part is that the Cribs’ latest album is jam-packed with a few dozen more just like ’em—irreverent, rowdy, and recorded in what sounds like a metal drum in just one take. While Wakefield, England’s Jarman brothers’ eponymous debut went largely unacknowledged last year, The New Fellas and its raw, kick-’em-in-the-balls sound may score these stage monsters the respect they deserve. Basically, the three-member outfit sounds like a backyard barbecue Jet without the rock-star pretension. The Cribs, though, are still the dive-bar band Jet used to be, in love with drunken performances, get-the-room-singing choruses (“Mirror Kissers,” “The Wrong Way to Be”), and their own carefree, fuck-the-labels selves. Nowhere is their disdain for industry fat cats more evident than “Hey Scenesters!,” which is little more than an excuse for the brothers to mock the market-driven malleability of rock/pop stars and the screaming populace that eats them up—“You’re changing scenes/ Change your scenes/ Everybody loves you now.” The complaint is clichéd, as is saying it is refreshing when an artist gets famous by not playing such games. Don’t let that keep you away, though—the Cribs might just remind you that pop isn’t always bad.

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