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Roman Flugel: "Geht's Noch"

Roman Flugel: "Geht's Noch"

Release Date:2005

By Jess Harvell | Posted 9/7/2005

Roman Flugel is an underground techno legend. As an artist (Eight Miles High, Acid Jesus) and a label owner (Ongaku, Playhouse, Klang), he has pushed the right-brain/left-brain divide in club music until booty shake is almost left behind entirely. He is also one half of Alter Ego, which found itself at the end of 2004 with one of the biggest club smashes of the year.

“Rocker” combined a scything house groove with a squealing, migraine-inducing synth riff. Like the work of Vitalic, Mr. Oizo, and early Daft Punk, it was heavy-metal house—especially when it ended up remixed by a member of Bolt Thrower. “Rocker” tore up bridge-and-tunnel handbag and ultra-underground minimal techno dance floors alike. Hell, there were even rumors P. Diddy wanted to sign “Rocker.” The song was eventually picked up by U.K. label Skint, purveyor of frat-house and home to Fatboy Slim. The techno aesthete had become a superstar through the power of lowest-common-denominator riffage.

“Geht’s Noch?” is just “Rocker” redux, but hey, if it ain’t broke. It’s not quite as distorted or overdriven as “Rocker,” but it pivots on a similarly stoopid riff, a vreep-vreep-VREEP that rises in pitch until it’s scraping the inside of your skull. Without that nasty little hook, it’d just be another minimal techno track, but with it “Geht’s Noch?” is another all-conquering anthem, inspiring former tech-nerds to worship the riff. By now it’s played out for tastemaking DJs everywhere, but throw it on at your next party and watch how quickly the shirts come off.

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