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Heathen Shame: Speed the Parting Guest

Heathen Shame: Speed the Parting Guest

Label:Twisted Village
Release Date:2005

By Marc Masters | Posted 10/5/2005

Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar are true underground guitar heroes. For nearly two decades, through their work in subterranean noisemakers Crystallized Movements, dream-rock quartet Magic Hour (with Damon and Naomi), and psych-jammers Major Stars, the Boston area pair have remained heroically devoted to excavating new sest is the group’s second album of devaounds from their strings. Heathen Shame is their latest concern, a trio completed by Nmperign trumpeter Greg Kelley, and Speed the Parting Gustating improvisation.

The group declares its confrontational intentions immediately, opening with a half-hour-long title track of blistering, high-frequency noise. Screeching jolts, squawking drones, and air-ripping distortion frantically pile up. It’s hard to locate individual band members inside the thickening gas cloud, as pure sound exploration takes priority over structure and dynamics. This is especially true when Speed is experienced through headphones, where it becomes a marathon that nearly necessitates a break. The 12-minute second piece, “Iron Turtleneck,” is even more aggressive, spilling out of the speakers with exhilarating abandon. Relative relief comes from epilogue “The So-Called ‘Arts,’” whose lighter sheen and stomping percussion build to a mind-altering climax reminiscent of feedback-climbers like Fushitsusha. Speed the Parting Guest requires maximum endurance, but those willing to feel the ear-burn are guaranteed to be stronger for it.

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