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Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug: "Check On It"

Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug: "Check On It"

Release Date:2005

By Bret McCabe | Posted 12/14/2005

Slim Thug must be one big effing dude, ’cause Lord knows you gots to be some kinda force to chat up Jay-Z’s squeeze the way he does in “Check on It.” “Good girls gotta get down with them gangstas/ Go head girl put some back and some neck up on it,” he growls in his burly purr, sounding like 1975 Mercury Cougar turning over.

He peels these lines off over Swizz Beatz’s slow, swinging pelvic taunt, a swaggering bass line that struts down the song’s wobbly street and throws whistles at all the fine curves that catch its eye. One of the few new songs off Destiny’s Child’s #1’s recent hits compilation, “Check on It” is less a DC joint than a Beyoncé sex-kitten solo. “Oohhh you watchin’ me shake it, I see it in ya face/ Ya can’t take it, it’s blazin’, you rock me, it amaze me,” she coos with her million-selling R&B pipes, dipping into a Donna Summer-y breathlessness on the chorus. “Dip it, pop it, work it, stop it, check on me tonight.”

And dammit if the song doesn’t stick to ears like Bubblicious to hair. When the circling Slim Thug pops up again after the second verse he’s not pouncing on a teasing prey as much as tipping his dancer. “I’m checking on you boo, do what’chu do/ And while you dance I’ma glance at this beautiful view/ I’m keep my hands in my pants, I need to glue ’em with glue.” Jay-Z doesn’t exactly strike a meek profile, so if Houston’s already-platinum MC is gonna admire Jay’s woman like this, he really must be less Slim and all Thug.

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