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Eames Era: Double Dutch

Eames Era: Double Dutch

Label:C Student
Release Date:2006

By Patrick Strange | Posted 1/25/2006

In October of last year, all five members of the Eames Era were involved in an accident when a military truck crashed into their tour van in downtown Baton Rouge, La. Apart from severe injuries for several members, this clash with army green effectively shelved the band’s fall tour and added insult to a year of hurricanes, floods, and general heartache for the Louisiana group.

But for a band that has been on the receiving end of a violent tropical storm season and a runaway dump truck, the Eames Era sure sounds happy. The group is back playing gigs, and its debut full-length bubbles with postadolescent curiosity. Double Dutch is first and foremost a pop album—with upbeat tempos, dual-guitar power chords, and melodies tailored for easy recollection. It’s meant for a much sunnier side of alt-rock radio, covering every aspect of young love gained, lost, and found again.

The best songs come first. Opener “Go to Sleep” and the several songs that follow are animated with catchy refrains and riffs and the playful vocals of lead singer Ashlin Phillips. Unfortunately, the middle tends to reiterate the first third, highlighting the limited range of both vocals and themes, but the album finishes strong with “Promises,” a ballad injected with sudden fits of excitable guitar.

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