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Jan Jelinek: Kosmischer Pitch

Jan Jelinek: Kosmischer Pitch

Release Date:2006

By Michael Crumsho | Posted 1/25/2006

Never one to stand idle, German electronic producer Jan Jelinek tends to switch stylistic impulses every time he records. Having already sampled stacks of jazz and pop albums for his previous two full-lengths, on Kosmischer Pitch he turns his precision editing to the motorik throb of vintage ’70s Krautrock. But as much as he may lean on his sampler, Jelinek’s work never skirts pastiche. Rather, he uses his sliced snippets as a jumping-off point for extended meditations on the sounds and styles he cites, deep explorations of what makes certain genres tick.

With Kosmischer, Jelinek interprets Krautrock as a pure cosmic bliss, through subtle crescendos that are built on simple tweaks of repetitive loops. On tracks such as “Im Diskodickicht” and “Vibraphonspulen,” he takes basic organ and vibraphone phrases and layers them, spare melodic statements that return endlessly but never get stale. Elsewhere, like on the closing “Morphing Leadgitarre Rückwärts,” he pulls guitar tones backward and forward with the gleam of the strings bobbing and weaving over blithe bass plucks.

So adept is Jelinek at transforming his source material that only the most battle-hardened record nerd could spot the original tracks. And while he colors his citations with the dub bass lines and warm drones that have become his hallmarks, the careful balance between the new and the sampled is Jelinek’s secret weapon; his consistent ability to pull it off is no small feat.

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