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Manhunter: She Came Home

Manhunter: She Came Home

Label:Muckamuck Produce
Release Date:2006
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By Jess Harvell | Posted 1/25/2006

Manhunter She Came Home (Muckamuck Produce) Pretty great electrowhatsit from outside the city limits, surprising since Maryland isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of sleek Eurotechno. Holed up in its basement, Manhunter—with a name and a logo that evokes a forgotten ’80s Stephen J. Cannell syndicated action show—mistakes the burbs for the Hague, pumping out endless arpeggiated “I Feel Love” bass lines and rigid tick-tock snares. Perfect for indulging all the loafers-with-no-socks Crockett and Tubbs fantasies you still harbor. (There’s a reason the second track here is called “Testarossa.”)

The title track is the most club-friendly, with the Armor All sheen beloved of skinny French people in synthetic fabrics. The relentless clean-lined repetition—all those chattering sequencers and coke-spoon gleaming synths—may eventually get a little wearying to ears that desire more grit in their gears. (And they’re going to need to vary things up a little if they ever want to make a full album/escape the retro ghetto.) But it’s a nice surprise, especially if you think local dance music is all nasty club or smooth deep house.

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