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Proswell and Wwcarpen: Proswell and Wwcarpen

Proswell and Wwcarpen: Proswell and Wwcarpen

Release Date:2006
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Proswell and Wwcarpen

By Jess Harvell | Posted 1/25/2006

Proswell and Wwcarpen Proswell and Wwcarpen (Kracfive) Fizzy bedroom electronics from the mysterious Proswell and Wwcarpen, at least one of which is from Charm City. (Attribution is a nightmare with this sort of faceless techno bollocks.) Lots of poky beats, naif melodies, squggily noises, and scratchy timbres. Baby-robots gurgle and drum machines stutter-devolved hip-hop rhythms—that kinda thing. Not much new if you own at least two IDM records from 1994, but kinda quaintly enjoyable nonetheless when Warp Records is signing skinny-tie power-pop bands and Aphex Twin goes begging for gas money for his tank.

This kind of thing gets a bad rap now that all the bearded dudes trading limited-edition lathe-cut Skam and Schematic singles at the turn of the millennium have discovered house music. But awkward bleeps and blorps made by guys in basements and apartments for a limited audience has a rich history that stretches from proto-synthpop like Thomas Leer and Fad Gadget right up to Autechre and Boards of Canada. If you’ve ever enjoyed the sour, wistful melodies shut-in electronic types have favored since Kraftwerk, there’s much to love here. Good cover, too. Running in place, but hey, the scenery is nice.

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