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Trina: "Here We Go" (feat. Kelly Rowland)

Trina: "Here We Go" (feat. Kelly Rowland)


By Brent Burton | Posted 2/1/2006

Miami hard body Trina is the greatest thing in female rasp since Jennifer Herrema. Like the Royal Trux vixen, it doesn’t matter who is singing next to her—girlfriend is gonna make you sound soft. Her nasally attack is just too aggressive, too confident, too confrontational. On record she’s like the neighborhood mom who can make any supposedly hard guy back down with nothing but a quick look in his direction.

And when that bite is put inside a softly tinkling melody and next to one of the most Land O’Lakes buttery-smooth voices in R&B, it exponentially amplifies Trina’s unfuckwithability. “Here We Go” lifts the late-night grown-folks-music coo of Force MD’s “Tender Love,” twisting that song’s keyboard yearning into something absurdly entertaining: the slow-jam kiss-off. Kelly Rowland’s gorgeous pipes provide the chorus hook, making relationship doubt sound slow-dance intimate. Trina’s drive-by strafes this romantic mood. “Damn, I thank God I ain’t get that tattoo/ You betta thank God I ain’t have tha strap, boo,” she seethes, and any guy listening immediately starts thanking whatever he believes in that she isn’t talking about him. Trina eviscerates the man who done her wrong for a verse and a half and lets him have his say just to give him one last bitchslap: “Save that shit for ya mammy, Ha ha/ Sounds like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, talk too much/ I’m, like, uh-huh, OK, wassup, shut up.”

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