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The Short List

Short List

The Oranges Band play the Ottobar July 1

By Bret McCabe | Posted 6/29/2005

WEDNESDAY: With a no-BS attitude and a bazooka-oomphing drummer, Achilles—sinking its talons into the the Talking Head with Engineer and Attrition—is a punk-metal outfit countering the eyeliner wining of Atreyu, et al. Meat Beat Manifesto (see Music, page 30) unleashes its sight and sound experience at Sonar with Dub Trio.

THURSDAY: Local one-band hot-wired electronics dance party Dan Deacon is getting ready to hit the road again, heading up to New York and then down into the Dirty South with his pizza horse booty quake; find the lizard in Synard with him at the Ottobar with Abeki and Northern Virginia video-game sounds tweaker Kid Camero. Zoom in on the eye or something: Tim Kaye plays Sonar with the Mazeltov Cocktails, Rocktronics, and At the Altar of the Cosmic Unicorn. Traveling troubadour Brendon Massei performs as the Viking Moses at the Talking Head with Feathers and Paper Canoe. San Francisco house player Chris Lum spins the love at Mosaic with Baltimore’s own Donnie Burlin. Rootsy country trio Sugarland just might make you believe at the Power Plant Live! Plaza with Jon Randall.

FRIDAY: It’s a one-pony shtick, but these gals nail it on the head: San Francisco’s all-female psychobilly outfit Thee Merry Widows are the best thing to happen to the vinyl mini since Austin’s Satan’s Cheerleaders; they’re at the Sidebar with 11th hour, Finger Cuffs, and Corrupted Youth. The Oranges Band plays a CD-release party at the Ottobar with Mary Timony and Dagger Hearts. Karmella’s Game dances this mess around at the Talking Head Club with Assassinate Caesar and Second Saturday.

SATURDAY: Sound sculptor Lee Pembleton performs with Trio Ricochet drummer Alan Munshower at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with Nick Becker and John Eaton. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Mr. Joe Goldsborough back to the stage: Mother Daughter Action plays the Ottobar with 701z and Isikar.

SUNDAY: Local punk outfit Make Way plays a 4 p.m. all-ages show at the Talking Head with Tom Hanks, Savory James, Counterfeit Matt, and Hop Along Queen Ansleis; later the Close takes the stage with Sick Sick Birds. Jesse Lyell’s latest outfit, the Heavycoats (which used to be called Battersea), sing sea songs at the Ottobar with the Mishaps, the Bedtimes, and Faster Faster Harder Harder. Washington punk outfit Bear and the Butterfly hits the Charm City Space with Rue the Day, Mass Movement of the Moth, and Blame Game.

TUESDAY: Electro-metal alloy Genghis Tron rides the steambolt at the Talking Head with Blakk Sweat, Red Letters Blue Letters, and Wail Sounds. The Ergs dork-rock the Charm City Space with Modern Machines and Active Sac.

WEDNESDAY: Cass McCombs straddles the line separating storyteller and voyeur on his latest cute ’n’ creepy PREfection at the Ottobar with the Double and More Dogs. New Orleans power-pop outfit Eames Era could be anything at the Talking Head with Seldon Plan and Stalking Horses.

IN THE WINGS: Metal quintet Soilent Green’s new Confrontation continues the band’s winning combo of swamp boogie with grindcore; SG plays the Ottobar July 15 with A Perfect Murder and Swarm of the LotusT (For more information, call [410] 662-0069 or visit www.the The Woggles make their semiregular visit to the Mojo Room July 14 with the Illustrious Potentates, Expotentials, and Jones Falls. (For more information, visit Local bizarre-rock duo Glaz Almaz headlines the Talking Head’s Halloween in July party July 14 with Farewell to Arms, Challenge Club, and BorahS (For more information, call [410] 962-5588 or visit www.talkinghead Ruins Alone—aka superhuman drummer Tatsuya Yoshida—manhandles the Red Room July 18 with Leprechaun Catering and FootFoot StoneH (For more information, call [410] 243-6888 or visit

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