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The Short List

Dressy Bessy

By Bret McCabe | Posted 7/13/2005

WEDNESDAY: Local postrock angler Yukon gouges the Talking Head with Rac-ooo-oon, Talibam, and the Wire Orchestra. Local jam-band the Bridge rocks the Funk Box with the Avett Brothers. Cleveland kitchen-sink rock sextet imagines manatees with trunks at the Mojo Room with Wecouldgetkilled and Second Sunrise.

THURSDAY: Local art-glam duo Glaz Almaz breaks out the knives at the Talking Head with Farewell to Arms, Challenge Club, and Borah. Quannum’s disco-meets-trip-hop band Apsci has robosex at Sonar with the Beat Shaman and To the Moon. Former Denver rave-scene maker Hipp-E plays the Mosaic Lounge at Power Plant Live! The Woggles make their annual track down to the Mojo Room with the Illustrious Potentates, Baltimore’s fabulously raw and rockin’ the Expotentials, and the Jones Falls. Dressy Bessy makes power-pop crunch and spook at Washington’s Black Cat.

FRIDAY: Milwaukee’s Tyson Reeder is a visual artist of singularly tweaked eye and mind; his impatient paintings and installations with his brother Scott are vibrantly electric experiences, but no idea what he’s gonna do as his nom de music Potato at Tarantula Hill with Airbrains and Juiceboxxx. N’awlins metal machine Soilent Green levels at the Ottobar with A Perfect Murder, Watch Them Die, Into the Moat, Strong Intention, and Swarm of the Lotus. Local hero Dan Deacon dances this mess around at the Talking Head with Raw Bear, Barr, and Art Lord and the Self-Portraits. Local performance-art music outlet Human Host haunts the Charm City Space with Skusode, Trash Camp, Downside Risk, and Disease Called Man. Surf’s up for Los Straitjackets at the Funk Box with the World Famous Pontani Sisters.

SATURDAY: Percussionist Keith Leslie, guitarist Daniel Clay, and saxophonist Ben Davis team up at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with Letting Go of Public Buildings. The old punks in the Subhumans torpedo the Ottobar with Leftover Crack and From Ashes Rise. Local Latin-jazz outfit Rumba Club plays two sets at An die Musik. New York hardcore hammer Inhuman rocks the Sidebar with Cheech and No Turning Back. Kansas dream-pop outfit Pilot lands at the Talking Head with Pale Stars and Secret Crush Society. Local alt-rock quartet Eleven: 54 plays a CD-release show at Sonar with Agents of the Sun. Jah Works spreads the love and high praises through the Funk Box.

SUNDAY: Sab Grey and the Royal Americans headline the Sidebar’s Car-B-Que. Local damaged-punk threat Trash Camp brings out the dead at Charm City Space with Deconditioned, the Destroyer Crew, and Saber Toothed Laser. The Dickies—still here—play the Ottobar with Fishnet Stalkers and the Gamma Rays.

MONDAY: R&B man John Legend (see Music) gets lifted at Rams Head Live with De La Soul and Common. Don’t start any fights when Eighteen Visions (see Music) hits the Ottobar with He Is Legend, the Black Maria, and Love Hate Hero. Ruins Alone—aka Yoshida Tatsuya—peels open the Red Room with Leprechaun Catering and FootFoot Stone. Chicago metal quartet Bible of the Devil delivers the new raw to the Sidebar with Slough Feg and the Assrockers. Electronic duo Turin Brakes make things go swoosh and fluttery at Annapolis’ Rams Head Tavern with West Indian Girl. She is country singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va.

TUESDAY: New Brutalism stone-cold rocks the Knoxville-Baltimore connection at the Talking Head with My Disco and Jakuta. Never will I break down and go see 3 Doors Down at Columbia’s Merriweather Post Pavilion.

WEDNESDAY: Wax and Wane make spooky folk at the Ottobar with Mike Wexler and the sometimes even spookier Metal Hearts. The Bridge is still jamming it out at the Funk Box.

IN THE WINGS: The resilient Kid606 is done with the scene at the Ottobar July 26 with Drop the Lime, Knifehandchop, and Eats Tapes; Spank Rock gets the party started July 29. (For more information, call [410] 662-0069 or visit Ex-Anti-Pop Consortium MC Beans brings his bib-band the Holy Fuck to the Talking Head July 28 with Bow and Arrow and Christopher Freeland. (For more information, call [410] 962-5588 or visit Yeah, Static-X is pretty much alt-metal, but I’m digging it at Sonar Aug. 5. (For more information, call [410] 327-8333 or visit Country singer/songwriter Jamie O’Neal plays Rams Head Live July 30; Kasey Chambers hits the club Aug. 5. (For more information, call [410] 244-1131 or visit Erin McKeown makes with the Björkian folk-rock at Rams Head Tavern Aug. 1. (For more information, call [410] 268-4545 or visit

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