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The Short List

One Be Lo

By Bret McCabe | Posted 8/10/2005

WEDNESDAY: Sick Sick Birds fuck-fuck up the Talking Head with the Whips, Fascist Fascist, and Desoto Jones. The Secret Machines blow all the other kids away at Towson’s Recher Theatre with Helios Sequence. Michigan rhymesayer One Be Lo rocks Sonar with Q Unique, Tislam the Great, Third Kind, and Bishop. Elsewhere in Sonar, the Shout Out Louds make a joyful pop noise with Tears of Mars and the Cassettes. Guess who’s playing the Funk Box? The Bridge with Umelt. Midlife crisis—the New York Dolls got it while it’s hot at Washington’s 9:30 Club.

THURSDAY: German house man Ian Pooley holds down Mosaic at Power Plant Live. California hardcore act Blown to Bits explodes at Charm City Space with Wartorn and the Cult Classics. Double Dagger doesn’t want your new logo at the Sidebar with Hunchback and Come Wander With Me. Two if by Sea has a new EP at the Ottobar with the Heavycoats, Elkland, Men Women and Children, and Nightmare of You. Bled Across Miles bloodies Sonar with Deadaboveground, the Doomed Reaction, and Makexyourxstand.

FRIDAY: New waif singer/songwriter siren Juliana Hatfield unleashes her inner rocker gal on her new Made in China, especially on Love Child-blustery noise-pop like “What Do I Care”; catch her at the Mojo Room with Celia Kipp. I will totally be rad garage-rocking gal Holly Golightly’s serial girlfriend at the Ottobar with karaoke man Tom Heinl and Palomar. Diacritical plays the Jim V. art opening at Charm City Space with South Carey and the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad. Local quartet Water School indie-pop-rocks the Talking Head with Bedtimes, Northern Hues, and the Milwaukees. Regional pop-punk outfit Uptown Stomp gets up to copious amounts of chicanery at Fletcher’s with Cutlery, the Get Down, and As Seasons Fail.

SATURDAY: The Slumlords play the 5:30 p.m. benefit for abandoned animals at the Sidebar with Out to Win,the Shemps, the Spark, Hoods, In My Way, Wisdom in Chains, Pulling Teeth, and Stop, Drop, and Roll. The Hieroglyphics Tour hits Sonar with Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, Non-Phixion, O.C., and the Boom Bap Project. Jessie Hughes (see A&E) plays a CD-release show at the Talking Head with Challenge Club, MazelTov Cocktails, and Milque. Local rocker Muscle Twin hits the Mojo Room with 20 for 7, Fast Eddie, and Michael Berkowitz. NYC hardcore outfit Most Precious Blood annihilates the Ottobar with Donnybrook, This Is Hell, and Ruiner. The Crawdaddies pinch the Funk Box with the Swingin’ Swamis. Honky-tonker Robert Earl Keen tells you what he really means at the Recher. Devo—yes, you read that right—offers you the freedom of choice to pay $55 (yes, you read that right, too) to see the anti-wave outfit at the 9:30 Club.

SUNDAY: Smog’s Bill Callahan feels like the mother of the world at the Ottobar with Feathers and Low Moda. Local outfits Thinking Toys and Passiou play a 5 p.m. show at the Mojo Room with Human Host and Newage Hillbilly. The Knitters—the country side project of X’s John Doe, Exene Cervenka, and DJ Bonebrake, the Blasters’ Dave Alvin, and Jonny Ray Bartel (aka Social Distortion’s Mike Ness)—hit Rams Head Live with Phranc. Your Imaginary Friend appears at the Talking Head with A Rocket Sent to You, Rebel Heirs, and Water School’s Chris Meyers. Cleveland hardcore outfit Chimaira hammers the Recher with Six Feet Under, All That Remains, and 3 Inches of Blood. Devo slaps your mammy at the 9:30 Club.

MONDAY: Character assassin Ass End Offend fills the void at Charm City Space with Disrespect, Bastard Sons of the Apocalypse, Army of Jesus, and Tarpit MD. Louisville, Ky., punk-rockers the Dead City Rejects bring dissidence and barbed wire to the Sidebar. The Black Halos rock! with! exclamation points! at the Ottobar with Brand New Sin, Supagroup, and Dog Faced Gods. Guitarist Bill Frisell is joined by drummer Joey Baron and organist Sam Yahel at Annapolis’ Rams Head Tavern.

TUESDAY: Magnolia Electric Co. gives something else away every day at the Ottobar with Grand Buffet and City Paper contributor Ned Oldham. Sparrows Swarm and Sing at Charm City Space with A New Dawn Fades and Rhythmandfall.

WEDNESDAY: Yukon gets mathy on the Talking Head with Wax and Wane and Sylvan Screen. Go Betty Go girl-punks up Sonar with Fishnet Stalkers. Only six more nights until the Bridge plays the Funk Box again.

IN THE WINGS: Local legend Ethel Ennis performs at Rams Head Tavern Aug. 26. (For more information, call [410] 268-4545 or visit The Charm City Saints bless Fletcher’s Aug. 26 with the Skels and Big Daddy Chrome. (For more information, call [410] 558-1889 or visit Chuck Brown plays a birthday party for himself at the 9:30 Club Aug. 27. (For more information, call [202] 393-0930 or visit The Celebration gets wiggy at the Talking Head Aug. 26 with Chromatics and the Fading Soni (For more information, call [410] 962-5588 or visit Local street-punk outfit Fighting Chance plays its final show at the Sidebar Aug. 27 with La Crisi, Ingengo, In My Way, and Retard TVN (For more information, call [410] 659-4130 or visit

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