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The Short List

Ditty Bops

By Bret McCabe | Posted 8/24/2005

WEDNESDAY: Tori Amos loves bees at Pier Six Concert Pavilion with the truly inspired Ditty Bops. Thunderbirds Are Now! get excited all over the Ottobar with Double Dagger, Ponce DeLeon, and Videohippos. Sigh: the Bridge, at the Funk Box, with the Brakes. Singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading stands tall in the saddle at Rams Head Live with Raul Midon.

THURSDAY: MaMa Base is gonna knock you out at 5 Seasons (see Music, page 33). West Coast house mover Andy Caldwell gets inside your soul at Mosaic at Power Plant Live! Athens, Ga.’s euphoric indie-pop outfit Of Montreal crashes the Ottobar’s party with the Management. The Second Class Citizens indie-rock Sonar with Freedom Enterprise, Column Seven, and the Flying Eyes.

FRIDAY: First it was Birdland, then it was Cam Cameo, and now the fab trio of Katrina Ford, Sean Antanaitis, and Dave Bergander is the Celebration at the Talking Head with Chromatics and the Fading Son. Local piano-rocking singer/songwriter Tim Kaye hits the Ottobar with Matt Pless. Local Irish-American rock outfit Charm City Saints never goes home again at Fletcher’s with the Skels and Big Daddy Chrome. Guitar wing nuts Sonny Landreth and Johnny A hit the Funk Box. Young gun country singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley is a modern-day drifter at Rams Head Live. Karmella’s Game headlines the Sidebar’s Back to School indie-rock showcase with Rockbot, the Collisions, and Acaica Sears. Lutherville’s Princes of Las Vegas play a CD-release party at the Mojo Room with Lilu Dallas and This Year Passed. Ethel Ennis performs at Annapolis’ Rams Head Tavern (see A&E, page 26).

SATURDAY: Local street-punk band Fighting Chance plays its final show ever at the Sidebar with La Crisi, Ingengo, VPR, In My Way, and Retard TV. Homemade Knives sharpen up the Charm City Space with A Roman Holiday, April Decca, and Sean McArdle. Early Day Miners find the purest red at the Talking Head with Windsor for the Derby and Walker and Jay. Hilary Duff lands at 1st Mariner Arena with Teddy Geiger. Local alt-rock band Aphile plays its farewell show at Fletcher’s with Ballyhoo and Animal Pharm. Private Eleanor plays a CD-release show for its new No Straight Lines at the Current Space with the Seldon Plan. The Violent Femmes play a free show at the Power Plant Live! Plaza. The Rev. Billy C. Wirtz speaks in tongues at the Mojo Room with Brett Wilson and Andy Bopp. Patrick Turner faces off against Soulminer for Sonar’s Ultraworld, with Proxxy, Lantern, Bobby Jae, Hitoi, and Sushiminus.

SUNDAY: Show of the week: Laptop art-noise hacker and No Fun Fest organizer Carlos Giffoni chews smoke at Tarantula Hill with Necking, Cache-Flow Quartet Edition—aka local noise mongers Michael Muniak, Caleb Johnston, Bonnie Jones, and Stewart Mostofsky—and the Yessirs. Vroom, vroom: From noon till 6, the Ottobar holds a freaking Car Show; that night, metal machine Breather Resist hammers the club with Red Sparowes, Zombi, and Made Out of Babies. The Stalking Horses gallop into the Mojo Room for a 5 p.m. early show with Karyn Oliver, the Beltways, and the Windowshoppers. Air Supply is all out of love at Rams Head Live.

MONDAY: Northern Virginia fireball singer/songwriter Viki Nova gets down at the Horse You Came in On.

TUESDAY: Joan of Arc’s Tim Kinsella temps as a shaman in Make/Believe at the Talking Head with Aloha, the Narrator, and Ecstatic Sunshine. Orange County, Calif., hardcore outfit Throwdown gives its life to the Ottobar with Remembering Never, the Agony Scene, and Sinai Beach. Ted Nugent at the Maryland State Fair—’nuff said. Green Day doesn’t want to be an American idiot at Columbia’s Merriweather Post Pavilion with Jimmy Eat World.

WEDNESDAY: This right here is the very last time I ever type “the Bridge plays the Funk Box.” Trephine tears into the Talking Head with Misery Index, Anti-Audio, and Dactyl. Big Reese and DJ Krucial host the Noise monthly hip-hop showcase at the Sidebar. The Abra-Cadaver Art and Music Extravaganza goes down at the Mojo Room, and I somehow think my wish that it’s nothing but cadaver magic won’t be fulfilled.

IN THE WINGS: Mark your calendars. The seventh annual High Zero Festival of Experimental and Improvised Music lands at Theatre Project Sept. 22-25, its street performances probably starting in the week leading up to the fest itself, and sound installations opening around town Sept. 15. This year’s 28-performer roster includes New York dancer Claire Elizabeth Barratt, violinist Rosie Hertlein, instrument maker Scott Moore, Australian harpist Clare Cooper, Los Angeles’ electronics/tape loops manipulator Joseph Hammer, Belgian bassist Peter Jacquemyn, Lebanese trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj, London vocalist Phil Minton, Easton, Pa., percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, Oakland, Calif., reeds player Scott Rosenberg, Birmingham, Ala., violinist LaDonna Smith, Boston vocalist Liz Tonne, German trumpeter Birgit Ulher, and Cincinnati vocalist/violinist C. Spencer Yeh. The Baltimore contingent of performers includes reeds/electronics ripper John Berndt, clarinetist/vocalist Samuel Burt, firecracker cellist/vocalist Audrey Chen, trombonist Che Davis, percussionist Tom Goldstein, saxophonist Rose Hammer, electronics men Andy Hayleck and Caleb Johnston, digital delay pedal pusher Bonnie Jones, sitarist Jay Kishor, clarinetist and inventions player Melissa Moore, laptopper Michael Muniak, percussionist Paul Niedhardt, and electronics dreamboat Carly Ptak. (For more information, visit

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