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The Short List

Engine Down

By Jess Harvell | Posted 8/31/2005

WEDNESDAY: Trephine grinds out the difference between math-rock and metal at the Talking Head with Misery Index, Anti-Audio, and Dactyl. DJ Krucial hosts Noise, a monthly hip-hop show with an open mic for those who dare, at the Sidebar.

THURSDAY: Not content to get fat off that Burger King loot, Darius Rucker and Hootie and the Blowfish inoffensively woo the granny panties off their aging audience at Rams Head Live. Blondsai battles it out with Geisha Lightning at the “Jap Band Battle” for the Labor Day Sideshow at the Talking Head with Mongoloidian Glow and the Savaginas. The well-named-for-summer (I can relate) So Damn Thirsty indie-rocks Sonar with Ocean View, Gone to Earth, and Overhead Switch. Wakefield bleats for the pop-punk brats at Towson’s Recher Theatre with Paramore, Bedlight for Blueeyes, and My American Heart.

FRIDAY: And speaking of inexplicable ’90s comebacks, Collective Soul shines its brand of secretly Christian grunge pop down on Rams Head Live. Nedelle goes all twee at the Talking Head with the mind-melting guitar duets of Human Bell (ex-Lungfish), the Places, and the Tall Grass. Jedi Mind Tricks hold it down for underground rap at the Washington’s 9:30 Club with Sean Price, Reef the Lost Cauze, and the always gully, always hilarious RA the Rugged Man.

SATURDAY: Easy Action (see Music, page 33) roars into the Talking Head with Clockcleaner and the New Flesh. Diz bumps classic Chicago house at Sonar with Patrick Turner and the Bansheez. Engine Down plays its second-to-last show at Washington’s Black Cat with a mess of other bands at the Lovitt Records 10th Anniversary party.

SUNDAY: Jah Division schizophrenically mashes up the exquisite depression of Joy Division with the uplifting vibes of dub reggae at the Ottobar. Akron Family gets in touch with its Earth spirits at the Talking Head with Great Lake Swimmers and Inchwormcaterpillarinchworm (Tony Lambright from Madagascar). Rob Paine (Worship Records, Philadelphia) bumps the dubbed-out end of house music at the Mosaic Lounge with Dan Gee. The members of Partyline (ex-Brat Patrol) shake the ’90s out of their hair at the Black Cat with Direct From Hollywood Cemetery (ex-Action Patrol) and Fascist Fascist.

MONDAY: If you’re still crying in your bong water at the demise of Phish, Phix takes you back to your halcyon dorm days of 1996 at the Eight by Ten Club. Ex-members of the Get Up Kids and Ultimate Fakebook (as well as other bands better known to readers of Alternative Press) now trading as Black Pool Lights get emotional at the Ottobar.

TUESDAY: Totimoshi ladles the doom on with a backhoe at the Talking Head with Blakk Sweat.

WEDNESDAY: Circle rides its chrome choppers to Kraut-metal Valhalla at the Ottobar. Meanwhile, at Sonar, Andy C throws down main floor drum ’n’ bass with DJ C. Carbon Leaf reels and jigs around the 9:30 Club with Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.

IN THE WINGS: Gang of Four shows all the young dudes how it did death-disco in ’79 at Sonar Oct. 5; Turbonegro plays pure death-punk for now people Oct. 7. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit Ottobar gears up for fall: Wolf Eyes jack the box (after setting it on fire and pouring a soda on it) Sept. 26; Khanate slows down time with its agonizing doom sludge Oct. 4; buzz-saw electro-trash heroes Adult. have way better hair than either Wolf Eyes or Khanate Oct. 26; the drunken gypsy-punk caravan of Gogol Bordello promises to trump all of the above for fire-spitting, splayed-leg mayhem Nov. 3; finally, personal hero Ted Leo and his Pharmacists reaffirm my faith in humanity just in time for Thanksgiving Nov. 22. (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit It’s a new-wave freakout beach party with Numbers and the amazing PolysicsœSept. 28 at the Talking Head. (For more info call [410] 962-5588 or visit The (not ironic, I swear to God) disco-rock dollies of Electric 6 take you to the gay bar, which is actually the Black Cat, Oct. 1. (For more info call [202] 667-7960 or visit

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