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The Short List

The Click Five

By Jess Harvell | Posted 9/14/2005

WEDNESDAY: Sunburned Hand of the Man just wants to bang on the drum all day at the Talking Head with Magik Markers, Nautical Almanac, and Human Host. Bonerama excites the eighth-grader in us at the Eight by Ten Club with Pencilgrass. Lucero drunkenly stumbles around Washington’s Black Cat with Limbeck and Chris Mills and the New Miserable Bastards.

THURSDAY: Lake Trout celebrates its CD-release party at the Ottobar with Apollo Sunshine and Shelby (see No Cover). Professional porn addict Kool Keith sharpens his surgical utensils at Sonar with master of monotone Guru. Carbon Leaf penny-whistles into Towson’s Recher Theatre with Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. I spent 20 minutes trying to think up a good “insane in the membrane” gag (to no avail) for Cypress Hill, who smoke up at Rams Head Live.

FRIDAY: Henry Rollins is sure to flex those neck veins as thick as my forearms at Sonar, on the aptly titled “25 Years of Bullshit” spoken-word tour. Get real close to the stage and ask Kevin which was a worse movie, Flatliners or Beauty Shop, at the Bacon Brothers show at Rams Head Live. Rasputina chamber-rocks a “radical recital” at the Ottobar with Tarantula AD. Human Host confounds the audience at the Talking Head with a duo performance from Chris Myers and Mike Gittings and Sand Cats (aka husband and wife duo Rjyan “Cex” Kidwell and Roby Newton). The Gore Gore Girls make a splay-legged spectacle of themselves with Thee Illustrious Potentates, the Body Electric, and Muscle Twin at the Mojo Room.

SATURDAY: A night of summery indie rock says hello to the fall with Water School, A Cricket in Times Square, the Fake Accents, and the Summer We Went West at Charm City Space. Brit-pop saviors—or maybe just Radiohead-lite—Doves flock into Sonar with Longwave. Easy Star All-Stars get baked at the Eight by Ten as they play Dub Side of the Moon—yes, an all-dub cover of the Pink Floyd classic, thus endearing them to students with black lights in their dorms citywide. Though he can be thankful he’s not G. Love, Citizen Cope makes the rest of us embarrassed to be white at Rams Head Live with Courtney Dowe. Doomtree represents for all of us who wore homemade puffy-paint Samhain shirts in junior high with DUI, Caught in a Trap, and Charm City Saints at the Sidebar. The Odean Pope Trio performs the music of John Coltrane and Duke Ellington with Carl Grubbs at the Epworth UMC Chapel/Fellowship Hall (St. Lukes Lane and Liberty Road, Randallstown). Melissa Sharlat and the Swingin’ Swamis get down at the Charles Village Block Party (Saint Paul Street between 31st and 32nd streets).

SUNDAY: Pulling Teeth does it for the kids—who are united, or alright, or actually kind of despondent, or something—at Charm City Space with Battle Royale, Count the Days, and Down Like Heroes. Dungen floats gently (baked) down the stream with Mia Doi Todd at the Black Cat.

MONDAY: The recent movie stars in Brian Jonestown Massacre raise sloppy egomania to a higher art at the Ottobar.

TUESDAY: Fatal Flying Guilloteens hack meat off the bone with a blues punk scuzzier than the rest at the Talking Head with Bloodbaby. If you’re wondering what happens when the Strokes and the Backstreet Boys get trapped in Jeff Goldblum’s Fly machine, check out the Click Five at the Recher Theatre. Rogue Wave bounces through the power-folk changes at the Black Cat with Fruit Bats and Chad Van Gaalen. The Free Music Ensemble—featuring jazz/improv heavyweights Ken Vandermark, Nate McBride, and Paal Nilssen-Love—blows the roof off the Black Cat back room.

WEDNESDAY: Hide the women—or is that the men?—when Nashville Pussy spits fire (and Miller High Life) at Sonar. Silvertide tarnishes whatever’s left of Aerosmith’s rep at the Recher Theatre with Pepper’s Ghost and 7 Days Torn. The Eight by Ten celebrates its grand reopening with the All Mighty Senators and Jarflys. M.I.A. unites the colors of the Benetton rainbow at the 9:30 Club. Germanic emotronica hero the Notwist and Anticon’s Themselves trade cryptic rhymes and wistful melodies as 13 and God at the Black Cat.

IN THE WINGS: It took me a second to realize that “Playstation Dualstation” was the sponsor of the LCD Soundsystem and Juan MacLean show at Sonar Nov. 15 and not the opening act, which is actually the only slightly less awesomely named Sh*t Robot. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit The decidedly un-straight edge Acid Mothers Temple lands the mothership at the Ottobar with Black Dice (surely the only band once on Vermin Scum to get Timbaland props), Growing, and Aqui Oct. 18. (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit The Fiery Furnaces test our capacity for whimsy at the Black Cat Oct. 15. (For more info call [202] 667-7960 or visit The New Pornographers crank up an excellent Powerpuff Girls soundtrack alternative at the 9:30 Club Oct. 15. (For more info call [202] 393-0930 or visit

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