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The Short List


By Jess Harvell | Posted 12/14/2005

WEDNESDAY: The Ergs, Greasegun, Deep Sleep, Bailout, and DJ Shop Gentei crowd into the Ottobar. Perfo rates at the Sidebar with Glaz Alamaz, the Alphabetical Order, Ism, and Greenwood. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony does its alien doo-wop thing at Washington’s 9:30 Club with Iron Beatz Productions.

THURSDAY: Castanets click-clack at the Floristree Space with the New Black, Death Set, and Daggerhearts. If you like your pop-punk minus the amplification—and really, who doesn’t?—check out the Ataris’ acoustic tour, along with Jeff Henley, Metal Hearts, and Matt Pless, who may or may not be plugged in. Sonar hosts the Breaking Ground Vol. 1 listening party, with performances by Eyekon, Oddisee, Breaka, and Days Dirges. Alanis Morissette takes us way back to 1995 at Rams Head Live. Celebrating a new CD release, drummer Phil Cunneff performs at An die Musik with Ben Frock on trumpet and flugelhorn and Jeff Reed on double bass.

FRIDAY: It’s a night of half-sleeves and plugged earlobes at the Ottobar, as Jinx Proof Tattoos presents the mookcore of H20, with the Spark, Set to Explode, Jean Mills Torch Society, and Van Damage. Rhett Miller twangs at Sonar with Jennifer Glass. Yukon, the New Flesh, Amoeba Men, What’s Yr Damage?, Skeleton Warrior, and Mr. Transylvania pack out Charm City Art Space. Rumpelstiltskin Grinder’s name continues to give us the giggles at the Sidebar with Recourse, Eaten Alive, Lokyata, and Astral Ocean. Mezzo-soprano Jennifer Blades presents two sets of holiday-themed cabaret at An die Musik. Project Applesauce waits in vain for its accompanying pork chop at the True Vine. Lake Trout fishes off the waters of the Potomac at Washington’s Black Cat with Cedars and Gun. Cyndi Lauper she-bops at the 9:30 Club with Sandra Bernhard and Jill Sobule.

SATURDAY: It’s the annual Bopptopia benefit at the Mojo Room, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, featuring Jessie Hughes, So I Had To, Gavin Elder, Dark Water Transit, Muscle Twin, Andy Bopp, and more. Alessandro Bosetti blows a rusty soprano saxophone and white noise at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records, with cracked electronics from opener Io Casino. The Talking Head unveils its refitted bar with performances by Moonshine, Dactyl, Downside Risk, Sulla, Kevin Hannigan, and more. Bring your grimrobes for Sunn O))) at the Ottobar with Hidden Hand. Drum ’n’ bass bad bwoy DJ Fresh smacks down dubplates at Sonar with Bobby Jae. It’s the return of proto-pop-hair-metal kings Kix at Rams Head Live with the Blue Vultures. Losers Sometimes Win holds its CD-release party at the Sidebar with Taken by Force, Last Call Brawl, and Stop Drop and Roll.

SUNDAY: The cosmic rough riders of Endless Boogie blast off at the Talking Head, with Arbouretum and Mighty Flashlight prepping the runway. The Ottobar’s Winter Flea Market presents Temp Sound Solutions, Yukon, the New Flesh, and New Brutalism, as well as a bunch of cool crap to buy. More hardcore for the headstrong at Charm City Art Space with Today and Everything After, the Homefront, On Three, and Mr. Difficult. Double bassist David Sheets performs a classical recital at An die Musik. The Wire Orchestra free-forms at the Mojo Room with Blakk Sweat. Bryan Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas, Andy Hayleck, and Bonnie Jones blur the line between composition and improvisation at the True Vine.

MONDAY: Nick Fury is not a secret agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. but straight-edge hardcore at Charm City Art Space with Cold Stare and the Frantic. The Clair-Obscur saxophone quartet showcases works by Philip Glass, Kurt Weill, and more at An die Musik. Degenerettes, I, Crime, and Odd Phones make a racket at the True Vine.

TUESDAY: Sick Electric gets ill at the Talking Head with Escape Grace, Classic Struggle, and Roma Delenda Est. What the Flood Gave Up (And What It Took) has a very portentous/pretentious name at the Ottobar alongside Lilu Dallas. Ironic-dirty hipster icon Princess Superstar struts at Sonar with Karmella’s Game and the Beat Shaman, if that’s your sort of thing, though we don’t know why it would be in a world where Trina still lives and breathes. The heavy dorks in Disturbed sold out their first night at the 9:30 Club, so here’s a second, with A Dozen Furies and Dog Fashion Disco.

WEDNESDAY: Cave In finally ditches the sub-Radiohead moves for the metal that is its birthright at the Ottobar with Midnight Revival, Forensic, and Bison.

IN THE WINGS: Tuck your stonewashed jeans into your Nikes for Anthrax at Rams Head Live Jan. 6. (For more info call [410] 244-8854 or visit New Orleans sludge-thrash princes Soilent Green is people at the Ottobar Feb. 5 with Decapitated, Misery Index,and Strong Intention. (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit Two Browns clash in Washington, as Godfather of Soul James Brown meets Godfather of Go-Go Charles Brown at the 9:30 Club Dec. 28. (For more info call [202] 393-0930 or visit

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