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The Short List

Gogol Bordello

By Jess Harvell | Posted 1/18/2006

WEDNESDAY: Entertainment System plays a game at the Ottobar with Remaking Eden, Geisha Lightning, and Pompei Grafitti. Akron/Family is neither from Akron nor a family, but it’s at the Talking Head with Lexie Mountain Boys, Mi and L’au, and Mr. Moccasin. We Are Scientists performs experiments at Sonar with Oxford Collapse and Army of Me. Jeremy Price, Dave Cipriani, Doug Fisher, John, and Eric Leikif all unplug for a night of acoustic music at the Sidebar. The John Ginty Band plays the 8X10.

THURSDAY: Misocainea, the Victorian Season, Jeff Henley, and 4th Til Morning take over the Ottobar. Soihadtoshoothim commits justifiable homicide at the Talking Head with Skeletons and Girl-Faced Boys and Videohippos. A trio of Jacob Anderskov on piano, Michael Formanek on bass, and Rune Kielsgaard on drums explores the classically Nordic at An die Musik. All Mighty Senators rock the soul at the 8X10.

FRIDAY: Hell to Pay, Babies With Rabies, Unyoung Heroes, the Screws, the Dead End Boys, and Stout storm the Ottobar. Mazel Tov Cocktails firebomb the Talking Head. Sabac Red from Nonphixion—who were doing the conspiracy-minded unfunky rap thing when Def Jux was a gleam in El-P’s eye—thrills the backpackers at Sonar with Third Kind, Di-Faction, and Bishop. Nikki Barr courts the NPR set at Rams Head Live with HydraFX and Karmella’s Game. Fishnet Stalkers go on a tear at the Sidebar with the Needles, Chelsea Graveyard, and Blondsai. Soldiers of Jah Army serenade the Charm City rastas at the 8X10. Uncle Dave Huber sings of hard times in Baltimore town at the True Vine. Spilling the Sun shows off its tan at Towson’s Recher Theatre with the Doug Segree Band and Michael K and the Populists. Skacore also-rans turned middling alt-poppers Less Than Jake continues to angle for its big break at Washington’s 9:30 Club with Big D and the Kids Table, Rock N Roll Soldiers, and DaMone.

SATURDAY: Eleven:54, Since, Gatsby Gets the Green Light, All Time Low, and Days Unknown prove that terrible band names are alt-rock’s lasting legacy on Sonar’s main stage. Meanwhile, Sleep Infection gets under your pillow on Sonar’s club stage with Samadhi, Plague of Shadows, and This Never Was. Calling All Cars puts out an all-points bulletin at the Sidebar with the Expotentials and E. Joseph. Akiko Sumi on guitar and Jee Young on flute play a duo recital at An die Musik. Mister Wilson menaces the 8X10 with Legal Tender. Possibly the only third-wave ska band ever worth a damn, if we’re being really generous, the Toasters host a night of skanking at the Recher Theatre with the Players, Can’t Hang, and Go Jimmy Go. One of the oddest bills in recent memory features one-joke slackers Cake, twee duo Tegan and Sara, the gypsy punks in Gogol Bordello, and Eugene Mirman at the 9:30 Club.

SUNDAY: Puddle collects on the floor of the Ottobar with Solarium, Pasadena, Marc Wigg, Bond and Bentley, Soap Box Soldier, and Muscle Twin. Haddonfield sadly has nothing to do with the town from Halloween at Sonar with the Random Theory and Driveset.

MONDAY: Moth bats furiously at Sonar’s lighting with Aberdeen City.

TUESDAY: I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business spreads its filth all over the Ottobar with Owen, B.C. Camplight, and Metal Hearts. Matryoshka String Quartet performs a classical recital at An die Musik. Basshound chases its own tail at the 8X10.

WEDNESDAY: We just hope Bender is actually fronted by the hateful, cigar-chomping robot from Futurama when it plays the Ottobar with Think, Better Luck Tomorrow, and Lithium. Taken already has a man at Sonar with Outpost and Living for Today.

IN THE WINGS: Atrociously named U.K. rockers Test Icicles (geddit?), currently causing overprivileged hipster types to blow their loads in Ol’ Blighty, attempt to justify their hype as more than NME fodder at Sonar March 4. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit MICA students, dudes with beards, and all other manner of McSweeney’s readers are already aflutter about notorious recluse, raconteur, and musician David Berman and his Silver Jews coming briefly out of hiding to play the Ottobar March 22. (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit Prepare to hail the dark lord to a disco beat when the amazingly still-going industrial raver My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult brings its fodderstompf beats and overbearing camp to the Black Cat Feb. 23. (For more info call [202] 667 7960 or visit

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