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The Short List

Pearls and Brass

By Jess Harvell | Posted 1/25/2006

WEDNESDAY: Bender folds at the Ottobar with Think, Better Luck Tomorrow, and Lithium. Taken gets kidnapped at Sonar with Outpost, Almost Perfect, and Artheritus Johnson. Hopefully Pulling Teeth doesn’t live up to its name at Charm City Space with Deep Sleep, Die Young, and Think Not Good.

THURSDAY: 2nd Class Citizen applies for first-class citizenship at the Ottobar with the Big Hurt and Laughter. Höllo is missing a “w” at Sonar with Beneath the Creep, Bleak December, and Gorman Prophecy, which sounds like an aborted Ashton Kutcher vehicle. Relive those halcyon post-hardcore days of the mid-’90s when Knots (with ex-members of Hoover) and Pagoda play Washington’s Black Cat.

FRIDAY: Deerhoof squeaks and creaks at the Ottobar with Leg and Pants Dans Theatre and Le Ton Mite L’ocelle Mare, both of which offer the slightly terrifying idea of “punk rock dance troupes” (see Music, page TK). Earthride revs up its chopper into interstellar overdrive at the Talking Head with Backwoods Payback, Unorthodox, and Tarpit. Calla dances slow and pensive at Sonar with Tim Kaye, Matt Pless, and Savory James. Laughter cackles at Fletcher’s with Stock Market Crash, Four Fifty One, and Injoy. Static Radio gets poor reception at the Sidebar with the Goons, Guns on the Run, and Gropus of People. Hours of noisy fun at the True Vine with Mixoplix, Balfour Antics, Award Show, Cobalt Foundation, and the Wire Orchestra. The Mooney Suzuki continues not to do justice to the two inspirations for its name at the Black Cat with Owls and Crows and Eyes of the Killer Robot. Bicycle Thieves commit petty theft at Washington’s 9:30 Club with Cedars and Nethers.

SATURDAY: From the greater Allentown, Pa., region—the next Seattle/Chapel Hill/Beirut—comes the latest psyche power-trio whatever, Pearls and Brass, with Jack Rose and Long Live Death at the Talking Head. Rude Buddha is an oxymoron at Sonar with Shoreline, KOE, J. Spitta, and Gizmo. Requiem plays Charm City Space with Crimson Spectre and Outernational. Inexplicably successful portly guitar slinger Keller Williams thrills the jam kids at Rams Head Live. Haddonfield plays Fletcher’s with Green, Erasing All, and Bluetoxin. Strength for a Reason, For the Worse, Cutthroat, Bring It On, and Taken by Force all sound like they could use a little anger-management counseling at the Sidebar. The ’Trane-trained Carl Grubbs Trio blows freely at An die Musik. Yeah, we know this show featuring the Pale Stars, the Reserves, the Seldon Plan, and the Grilled Lincolns at the 8X10 is for a good cause—breast cancer research—but was calling it “Mammojam” really necessary? It’s a night of free-form electronics duos with Old Man and the pair of Timothy Feeney on percussion and Howie Stelzer on tapes and such at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records. Old indie rockers like Robert Pollard never die, they just continue to milk their dwindling legacies for all they’re worth with the Rosebuds at the 9:30 Club.

SUNDAY: Race the Sun plays Sonar with Thin Dark Line, the Smashup, and Dropout Year. If you’re just that much of a reality-TV fan, you can see former American Idol contestant and all-around swarthy dude Constantine Maroulis and his band Pray for the Soul of Betty at Towson’s Recher Theatre with the Numb Ones and Plunge. The tattoo farmers in Avenged Sevenfold make with the scary bats at 9:30 Club with CKY and Days of Contempt.

MONDAY: More hotly tipped emo you’ve never heard of with Armor for Sleep, Boys Night Out, Chiodos, and Action Reaction at the Ottobar. Bottom Line, Breakaway, the Liberties, and Xbadcreditx represent for the old-school youth crew gang chant thing at Sonar. If you enjoy chewing on drywall, might we recommend Lifehouse with MoZella at the 9:30 Club.

TUESDAY: Some Girls, featuring dudes from the Locust, screech and pound at the Ottobar with Dactyl, Malice Vitality, and the Surgery.

WEDNESDAY: High on Fire smokes some kill at the Ottobar with the Bronx, Big Business, and Buried Inside. We don’t get the Hold Steady and can’t see how its too-many-words rock will translate live at the Black Cat with Swearing at Motorists and Plastic Constellations, but the kids just love it.

IN THE WINGS: Indie rap’s latest emo heartthrob, P.O.S., makes members of the backpack clique ask themselves uncomfortable racial questions at the Ottobar Feb. 16 with Turbo Nemesis, Mac Lethal, SIMS, and Shambhala. (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit Meanwhile, a little more than a month later at Sonar, Dilated Peoples continue to milk their late-’90s hits—don’t front, “Work the Angles” still sounds hot—at Sonar March 18 with the anti-bling refuseniks in Little Brother. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit

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