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The Short List


By Jess Harvell | Posted 2/22/2006

WEDNESDAY: Rave from the grave at the Ottobar with Kudu (see Music, page 31) and guests APSCI and the Data Frogs. Jones and Height joins electro-disco dude San Serac and Screwbus featuring some refugees from Wzt Hearts at the Talking Head. Another week of MySpace rock begins at Sonar with Chivalry, Third Complaint, Bellview Band, and Renton Canon. The Disco Biscuits jam one out at Rams Head Live.

THURSDAY: Another week, another five-band metal/hardcore car crash, this time with Darkest Hour, HIMSA, A Life Once Lost, the Acacia Strain, and Dead to Fall at the Ottobar. Enjoy Bo Lee Da’s classical guitar gas at the Talking Head with Bad Liquor Pond, Heroin UK, Blakk Sweat, and Jakuta and Carl. The Second Sunrise says it represents a sound that “embodies a style of music that can not be easily defined,” but that’s a code word for “emo,” along with Cutlery, the Bright Lights, and John Russell at Sonar. The Lighter Thieves mix up folk, bluegrass, and rock at the Sidebar with An Angle, the Country Devils, and No Way Down. Fence Kitchen drones at the True Vine with Dan Breen. Justin Jones holds a CD-release party at Fletcher’s with Eighty1South. Five-deep reggae family Morgan Heritage comes to Towson’s Recher Theatre with Soldiers of Jah Army and Panic and the Rebels.

FRIDAY: The Payola Reserve celebrates its CD-release party at the Ottobar with Midnight Revival, the Mishaps, and the Bedtimes. Ecstatic Sunshine plays a little guitar ping-pong at the Talking Head with Ponytail, 209, and Wylie Maverick. The Clarks ply their workmanlike roots rock at Sonar with Michael Tolcher. Joke-metal Ween side project the Moistboyz fart into Fletcher’s with Wineskin. Stiff Richard rocks or something at Rams Head Live with Taken and Silvertung. Zip up your Beatle boots for a night of mod at the Sidebar with the Ambitions and the Headquarters. Jasaga breaks out the ol’ good-time acoustic guitar at the True Vine. Morningwood is deeply terrible, but at least it’s, um, nice to look at live with Head Automatica, Kamu, and We Are the Fury at the Recher Theatre.

SATURDAY: Goof-rap act Grand Buffet yuks it up at the Ottobar alongside Baltimore’s one-man dance party Dan Deacon plus Peelander-Z and Shodekeh. Jason Dove and the Magic Whip play the Talking Head with Rahim and Mean Spirits. Listen to Maximumrockandroll fossil Mykel Board read from his new book and enjoy some hardcore from the Twats and some folk from Hop Along Queen Ansleis at Charm City Space. More schmindie rock at Sonar with Valencia, Sarcasm, Zella Mayzell, Minus One, and Life Before This. It’s a night of solo improvisations at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with Lexie Mountain, Jeff Donaldson, Max Eisenberg, and more. Mosh or die with Scheduled Beating at the Sidebar with Wisdom in Chains, Bringing Back the Glory, Spit on Your Grave, and Stop Drop and Roll. Trumpeter Cuong Vu leads his trio through a slippery genre-crossing jazz concert at An die Musik. Joe Bussard and Friends present a night of films, talks, and finger-picking at the True Vine in honor of the new Fonotone Records box set. (See Arts & Entertainment, page 27.)

SUNDAY: Emo, emo everywhere with Waking Ashland, Sherwood, Adelphi, Mashlin, and My Favorite Highway at the Ottobar. Vedera angles for a slot on the next One Tree Hill soundtrack at Sonar with A Perfect Kiss. Larry Ochs’ What We Live merges blues-based jazz improvisation with Turkish folk singing at An die Musik.

MONDAY: Rookie of the Year brings the terrifying idea of “acoustic emo” to Sonar with Rory, Upper Class Trash, Gatsby Gets the Greenlight, and Something Pure. The Unison Collective presents the first Season of the Microphone Monday night hip-hop showcase at the Yabba Pot featuring the Collective and Bex. George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars are amazingly still a good time if you ignore all the frat dudes at Washington’s 9:30 Club.

TUESDAY: The Night Light shines on some indie rock at the Ottobar with Haddonfield, Kenmore (also makers of a fine washer-dryer combo), and July Never Comes. Metalcore comes to Sonar in the form of Khoura with Beneath These Words, So Damn Thirsty, and Layhill. If you’re not yet scarred enough by that recently leaked Scott Stapp/Kid Rock sex tape—not that we watched it or anything—then you can enjoy the big man in person at the 9:30 Club with Breaking Point.

WEDNESDAY: And finally, rounding out the most boring goddamn haircut-rock week of the year, it’s the Finals, Lives or Levels, the Late Night, and American Diary at Sonar. Baltimore’s adorable downers the Metal Hearts (No Cover) play Washington’s Black Cat with Faraday.

IN THE WINGS: Apparently “turntablism” isn’t deader than dust after all, since DJ Q-Bert plays Sonar April 2. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit

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