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The Short List


By Jess Harvell | Posted 3/1/2006

WEDNESDAY: Mass foolishness at the Ottobar with Greyskull, the Pannies, Secret Crush Society, some “comedians,” DJs, various hangers-on, and the usual gang of drunks. The Finals look too average to actually rock at Sonar with Lives or Levels, the Late Night, American Diary, and Catching Thieves.

THURSDAY: Mazoltov Cocktail, Baby Aspirin, the Goldbug, and Gary B and the Notions play, amazingly enough, various forms of rock music at the Ottobar. Our favorite young depressives, Metal Hearts, need more vocals in the monitor at the Talking Head with Audible and Wax and Wane. In our day, emo didn’t come with sponsors, unlike Matchbook Romance at Sonar with Silverstein, the Early November, Amber Pacific, and Paramore. G. Love and Special Sauce and their groovy tunage continues to haunt us at Rams Head Live years after first haunting us on local Philly radio. Bo Bim rocks the Sidebar with the Gorgonites and, pun fully intended, the Headwounds opening up. Shoegaze nü-metallers the Deftones scale the wall-of-sound at Washington’s 9:30 Club.

FRIDAY: The Black Dahlia Murder screams and probably sells a lot of T-shirts at the Ottobar with metal bros Throwdown, the Red Chord, and the Agony Scene. Terminal Lovers crank out some sprawling guitar jams, dude, at the Talking Head with Birds of Avalon,Vincent Black Shadow, and Ketman. Tigersaw buzzes at Charm City Space with Drew Danberry and Insect Factory. Greg Thuman plays solo geetar at the Sidebar with Crash the Satellites and the Island of Dr. Moreau-sounding Eagle Seagull. Worlds collide as Spankrock brings tongue-piercing-cheek booty beats to the your-shoes-aren’t-really-cutting-it vibe of Red Maple. We have no idea what a “a discussion on the horizon between meta-epistemology and propriocognition in concert form” is, but you can see it at the True Vine with Daniel Conrad, Kate Porter, Miles Donovan, Carly Ptak, and Ian Nagoski. Folk singer Gordon Bok sings folk at Laurel’s Montpelier Arts Center. Ancient Los Angeles punk 45 Grave crawls out of the, um, grave at Washington’s Black Cat with Partyline and Fascist Fascist.

SATURDAY: Puddle, Myzativa, Pasadena, Marc Wigg, Dark Water Transit, Bag of Humans, and Entertainment System present a very long night of rock and some video-game noises at the Ottobar. The Life and Times gives us rugged and raw indie rock at the Talking Head. The Test Icicles imploded last week apparently, so now tonight it’s just Two if by Sea and Blondsai at Sonar. Charm City Space hosts, like, a bajillion bands in an “extreme display of local talent” including Kakerlak, Supplemental Code Information, Stress Induced Illness, Mike Bell, Newagehillbilly, Kim ++, Chris Martinelli, Hex Screw, Ari Schenck, Rick Weaver, Denny Bowen, Mark Posthuma, MC Compost, and Engine Knock. If we had to guess, we’d say Anne La Berge and Matt Ostrowski will be improvising something at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records. Tall in the Saddle rocks in that unctuous good-timey ’70s California way at Rams Head Live. An all-female rap revue presents B-Fly, Golden Seal, ShellBe Raw, Kitty, and the Mighty Paradocs at the Belvedere Lounge.

SUNDAY: Harry and the Potters are some kind of nonsense at the Talking Head with Uncle Monsterface. Thrash and pop at Charm City Space with Salad, Worn in Red, Secret Lives, and Ground Wolves. Lace up your Docs for veteran Brit grunger the Wedding Present at the Black Cat with Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves.

MONDAY: Holy shit, teenage dirt bag and all-around wuss hero Wheatus is at the Sidebar with Conshafter and the Fallen One—don’t pretend you don’t love that song.

TUESDAY: Adelyn comes to the Ottobar with the Churchills and Harriet Street, which features ex-members of Vertical Horizon, which is like the low-carb Train or something, if that’s your scene. Marissa Nadler sings dark ballads at the Talking Head with Baltimore’s own prophet of doom Daniel Higgs. Mogwai celebrates a decade working the same loud-louder-loudest dynamic at Sonar with Growing. Punk and acoustic bump heads at Charm City Space with Dragonzord, Down in the Dumps, Counterfeit Matt, the Cult Classics, and Wheatie Mattiasich. Earth, Wind, and Fire are shining stars, yes they are, at Rams Head Live. Fall River roars in a suitably metallic fashion at the Sidebar with the Jon Benet Band, With All Sincerity, and Eva Braun.

WEDNESDAY: It’s another night of Earth, Wind, and Fire at Rams Head Live.

IN THE WINGS: Slap on your greasepaint and try not to shoot anyone, ’cuz it’s Shaggy 2 Dope from Insane Clown Posse at Towson’s Recher Theatre with special guests and perhaps the Juggalo or Juggalette of your dreams in the audience. (For more info call [410] 337-7178 or visit

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