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The Short List

Ghostface Killah

By Jess Harvell | Posted 4/5/2006

WEDNESDAY: Murs claims to be better than your favorite rapper at the Ottobar with 9th Wonder, Supreeme, Shodekeh, and DJ Mills. Shaggy heaviness is implied in the name when Woolly Mammoth tramples the Talking Head with Year Long Disaster and the Expotentials.

THURSDAY: Savory James plays the Ottobar with Carter Tanton and Counterfeit Map. Bizarre pairing of the week when garage throwbacks the Ponys headline and 300-mph breakcore king Jason Forrest opens at the Talking Head. Prepare for a flurry of crabs, flares, and reverse wotsits when turntable legend Mix Master Mike helms the wheels at Sonar with DJ Easy, DJ Rockwell, and DJ Impulse. The Pat McGee Band classic-rocks at Rams Head Live with Fools and Horses and Doug Segree. Us Against Them has its back against the wall at the Sidebar with Union Strike and Devil’s Radio. French pianist Cédric Piromalli performs a selection of Thelonious Monk tunes at An die Musik. Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse acts the clown at Towson’s Recher Theatre with Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Subnoise Soldiers, and Axe Murder Boys.

FRIDAY: Fearless Vampire Killers corral together some hardcore leftovers from the Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, and Sick of It All at the Ottobar with Slumlords, Cold World, Fucked Up, and Set to Explode. Municipal Waste plays the Talking Head with Baroness, Witch Hunt, and I Object. A night of sensitive boys at Sonar with Owen, William Elliot Whitmore, and the Snake, the Cross, the Crown. The Skatepark of Baltimore celebrates its one-year anniversary at the Sidebar with Nag Chaumpa, King Giant, Monger, the Cheapshots, and Dead Men Sway. Boister comes to An die Musik for two shows. Lake Trout jams (not jams) at the Recher with the Oranges Band and Two if by Sea.

SATURDAY: Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers honky-tonk at the Ottobar with Scott Biram and the Rock Bottom Stylings of Honky Slim. A night of indie rock at the Talking Head with Tim Kaye, Polyester, Glass Family, and Bad Medicine at the Campfire. More indistinguishable metrosexual melodic rock invades Sonar with the Stills and Sam Roberts. Squirrels From Hell do the squirrel devil’s work at the Sidebar with Bionic Crayons and Esmirelda and the Tidbits. Carnival Skin blurs the lines between free jazz, improvisation, and modern composition at An die Musik. The Anomoanon stretches out its guitars across the alley at a Roots Café night at Seidel’s Bowling Center. Eyes Like Saucers cranks up a solo harmonium at the True Vine with Area C and Twig Harper.

SUNDAY: Leftover Crack wows the kids with the Crass patches on their denim jacket sat the Ottobar with Green Goblin, Planned Collapse, and Firing Squad. Sixty-one-year-old cunnilinguist, booger-pickin’ superhero Blowfly takes to the stage of the Talking Head with Despot, Minlus and McCracken, the Ubangis, and the Savaginas. Emo, emo everywhere as Aphasia, the Panic Division, the Transit War, the Chase, and Strange Vacation take over Sonar.

MONDAY: The five snarky meta-punks in Art Brut form a band at the Ottobar with the Rogers Sisters and Baby Aspirin. Scheduled Beating throws punches at Sonar with Vemorrah, Splitwrist, and Turn Into Ghosts. The Sidebar presents a night of chains, spikes, and streetpunk with Monster Squad, Action, the Ghouls, and the Cult Classics.

TUESDAY: Shaolin’s original dadaist gumshoe, Ghostface Killah, continues to son rappers half his age on Sonar’s main stage with M1, Planet SB, Brake Fast Records, and DJ Stretch. Meanwhile on Sonar’s club stage, rockers the French Kicks, Cedars, and Romania couldn’t be more different from the Ironman. The Rotten Shambles take to the Sidebar’s stage with the Hounds of Hell and the Rip Ovs.

WEDNESDAY: The Subhumans prove middle-aged men with no shame can still sport liberty spikes at the Ottobar with Caustic Christ, Gorilla Angreb, and 1905. Think thinks about rocking at Sonar with Unspoken, Mephistos Trapezoid, Ariosia, and Pompeii Graffiti. Abiku and Red Devil play Charm City Space. The three bizarrely feted antipodean rock haircuts in Wolfmother shake their shags at Fletcher’s with Die! Die! Die! The Birthday Suits get naked at the Sidebar with Geisha Lightning, Death by Sexy, and Charlie Brown Gets a Tumor.

IN THE WINGS: From “South Bronx” and “The Bridge Is Over” to repeatedly claiming the death of hip-hop, from By All Means Necessary to beefing with fucking Nelly, KRS-One ain’t what he used to be, but the blastmaster comes to the Ottobar April 20, if you can stand all the “edutainment.” (For more info call [410] 662-0069 or visit

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