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The Short List

By Jess Harvell | Posted 4/12/2006

WEDNESDAY: Grandpappy street punks the Subhumans grease up their spikes at the Ottobar with Caustic Christ, Gorilla Angreb, and 1905. Noisy Bostonian Neptune buzzes at the Talking Head with Leprechaun Catering and Lexie Mountain Boys. The Wire Orchestra plays Charm City Space with Northern Liberties, Red Devil, and Down With Gender. Australian Sabbath clone Wolfmother shows off its bangs at Fletcher’s with Die! Die! Die! and Death Set. The Birthday Suits party naked at the Sidebar with Geisha Lightning, Death by Sexy, and, best name of the issue, Charlie Brown Gets a Tumor. Buckcherry and its neo-cockrock is amazingly still hanging around, tonight at Towson’s Recher Theatre with Rock’n’roll Soldiers and Forty Acres.

THURSDAY: Strike Anywhere is keen on hardcore traditionalism at the Ottobar with the Mishaps, Midnight Revival, Deep Sleep, and the Bedtimers. Thrushes play the Talking Head with Dials, the Way-Outs, and Bunnygrunt. WHFS sponsors a local band showcase at Sonar featuring Can’t Hang, East Is East, and Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. The Tombs rock from the crypt at the Sidebar with the Heartattacks and Blondsai. We’ve blathered about Gogol Bordello and its gypsy punk so often it’s getting old, but you can see it tonight at Washington’s 9:30 Club with Zox and Skampida.

FRIDAY: An early show for the baby punks goes down at the Ottobar with Punchline, Cute Is What We Aim For, Valencia, and New Atlantic, and a late show for the older noise dudes with Financial Group, Jack Rose, New Way Down, Fursaxa, and Mike Smith. More nice rock music for nice kids at Sonar with Since, 165 1/2, Cascade in Blue, and Yesterday’s News. Enjoy metrosexual bleached-blond country sensation Phil Vassar at Rams Head Live with Pinmonkey. The Tall Grass holds its CD-release party at Floristree Space with Duncan Moore and Human Bell. Muscle Twin flexes at the Sidebar with Puddle, Mother Daughter Action, and Gentle Governess. Lungfish’s Daniel Higgs plays solo at the True Vine along with Otto Hauser and Asa Irons. Ladytron brings its adorable fake electro and really good hair to the 9:30 Club with the French Kicks.

SATURDAY: Another early show for the kids at the Ottobar with metalcorer Poison the Well, plus the Fall of Troy, Horse the Band, and Criteria. Landspeedrecord plays the Talking Head with Up the Empire, Avec, and Forget Cassettes. LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad bring the smooth drum ’n’ bass to Sonar’s main stage, and Samadhi, Sleep Infection, Hollo, Conflict of Interest, and Scars of Your Demise bring the metal to Sonar’s club stage. Buncha kooks who made their own instruments and play ’em at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records, with Scott Moore, Neil Feather, and Andy Hayleck. A full night of rock/punk/whatever at the Sidebar with the Twats, Supreme Commander, Cranked Up, National Razor, the Cult Classics, and the Revelevens. Pubescent R&B heartthrob Chris Brown causes mass swooning at the Murphy Fine Arts Center with famed stripper lover T-Pain and B-more’s own Bossman (see Music, page 32).

SUNDAY: Emo schmemo invades the Ottobar with the Appleseed Cast, Victory at Sea, Aloha, and the Fallen One. The Ab Baars Quartet twists the music of Duke Ellington and turns it inside out at An die Musik.

MONDAY: A buttload of hardcore bands hit Sonar with One Step too Many, Veda Skyes, Silenced Furies the Divining, This Never Was, Harrow Had Eyes, and Screaming for Tragedy. Dactyl makes like its loud, noisy reptilian namesake at Charm City Space with the Wayward and Scout’s Honor. Joe Satriani, hero to Guitar Center techs everywhere, abuses six strings at Rams Head Live with Eric Johnson.

TUESDAY: Hey, it’s a bunch of crazy abstract electronics wows and flutters at the Ottobar with 302Acid, Anti-Eanausic, Cedric, Phatso Brown, Pulsoc, Ross Laura, the Last of Us, and Utenzil. Kiss Me Deadly dance-rocks at the Talking Head with Lying in States and Gary B and the Notions. Like a glass of warm milk and twice as white, Lifehouse will put you right to sleep at Rams Head Live with Matt White.

WEDNESDAY: Richmond, Va., hardcore stalwart Avail still doing its thing at the Ottobar with the Draft, Pink Razors, and Mr. Difficult. Black-metal revivalist Lair of the Minotaur worships Satan, wears Venom T-shirt at the Talking Head with Unearthly Trance, Doomsday 1999, and Flowers in the Attic. Russian creep-hop maestro DJ Vadim sports a goatee at Sonar with Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13. A reborn Charlie Wilson continues to burn rubber at Rams Head Live with Abenaa.

IN THE WINGS: From The Infamous to rapping over Thomas Dolby, Prodigy and Havoc of Mobb Deep may have lost some of that “Shook Ones” hunger—and have their tongues way too far up 50’s ass these days for comfort—but you can see them at Sonar on May 11 and reminisce on the days when they were the coldest motherfuckers in rap. (For more info call [410] 327-8333 or visit

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