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The Short List

By Jess Harvell | Posted 6/7/2006

WEDNESDAY: Just a reminder from last week that the Rebirth Brass Band plays the 8X10 tonight. If you have any interest in jazz, funk, beer, sweat, swagger, drums, horns, gang chants, dirty jokes, the past and future of New Orleans, or fun, you should get your ass down there.

THURSDAY: B-more’s Thank You shares a name with a Royal Trux album and a bit of that band’s taste of chaos. But instead of refried boogie, Thank You is more into scribbly, ultratrebly guitar riffs, drums that think they’re scribbly, and bass lines doing the heavy lifting of holding everything together. The band also features a member of local contrapuntal cartoon jazzbos More Dogs if that whets your appetite—and it should—and hits Golden West Café tonight with Moth, Flitter Mice, and Mr. Moccasin. Sometimes you just want to hear something that sounds like a vomiting Sega Master System, and in those moments there’s Abiku. The local duo fires off high-speed, high-frequency rat-a-tat drum machines, screams, and noises at Charm City Space tonight with Mose Giganticus, Telekinesis for Cats, and Worms of the Earth if you want to know what punk rock will sound like in the 22nd century when cyborg kids are forming bands in Bartertown’s VFW halls.

FRIDAY: What are the differences between Baltimore rock and Washington rock? Are there any? Is there a secret rock handshake in Washington that they’d have to kill us if we found out about? Well, tonight Charm City Meets Capitol City at Sonar, with a “not a battle of the bands” featuring Two if by Sea, the Heavycoats, and the Kennedy Years from right here and the Hard Tomorrows and Soft Complex from our neighbor to the south.

SATURDAY: The Talking Head puts out a nice indie-rock spread featuring Water School, Palomar, Fake Accents, and Berma.

SUNDAY: Starting on Friday, noisy folkie Shelley Blake and bassist Joel Grip pile into a van and perform for 48 hours straight, travelling between Washington and Philly and back to Baltimore as a benefit for homeless Ukranian children at lofts and venues along the way. They will also take donations for the rebuilding of Tarantula Hill, where they were set to perform for the full 48 hours until it burnt down this past March. Tonight, the two-day minitour winds up with a two-hour performance at An die Musik with an opening set by Niagara Falls. Baltimore’s own Private Eleanor brings its prettified indie rock to Fletcher’s for a night of, well, prettified indie rock with sweet tart rockers the Starlight Mints and Californian beach boys Dios Malos. For more than a decade, the Coup has been taking Funkadelic’s “free your mind and your ass will follow” motto very seriously, melding hardcore leftist agitprop to the kind of sinuous G-funk you thought they stopped making once Pac got shot. Criticize their results, but you certainly can’t say that Boots Riley and DJ Pam have slacked on their mission. Tonight the Coup takes it to the stage at the Ottobar.

MONDAY: Personally I need a little recovery time on Monday nights. I’m sure you kids can figure something out on your own. Perhaps open-mic night at the 8X10?

TUESDAY: Can we get a little more in the monitors? No. At least not when Madagascar plays Lemon Hill tonight. Billed as a “tranquil music night,” the group joins Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores, 2% Majesty, and A Noble Lake in turning things down a little bit for some hushed analog acoustics. On the other hand, if you want to crank up everything to 11 in the most over-the-top way imaginable, then you’ll want to be at Nine Inch Nails at Bristow, Va.’s Nissan Pavilion, with goth godfather Bauhaus and goth godchild TV on the Radio. And if you want to turn things up but not quite to Live at Leeds levels, newest Siltbreeze signing Times New Viking plays the Ottobar with its scrappy little punk-rock songs on guitars that cough up cat hair and peat moss with the Country Teasers and Our German Lover.

WEDNESDAY: Swedish neo-psyche conceptualist and pretty-boy male model Gustav Ejstes brings his band Dungen to Washington’s Black Cat, with hopefully all the vintage fuzz guitar, cheesy flutes, and Keith Moon-caliber drum pounding that Ejstes’ manages to re-create on record.

IN THE WINGS: In what is the weirdest pairing the Short List has seen in quite some time, potty-mouthed electro joke Peaches is joined by Queens of the Stone Age side project joke Eagles of Death Metal at Towson’s Recher Theater July 24. Peaches’ new album is called—shitting you not—Impeach My Bush, which is so awful it might actually be great. And the cover art should at least be, um, interesting. (For more information call [410] 337-7178 or visit

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