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The Short List

George Clinton

By Jess Harvell | Posted 9/6/2006

WEDNESDAY: Bid a teary if hopefully brief farewell to the Death Set upstairs at the Ottobar tonight, its final show for some time. Enjoy some slamming, angular post-harDCore in time-tested tradition when Retisonic plays the Talking Head with Riddle of Steel.

THURSDAY: The Henry Rollins of rap, DMX, barks like a dog at Sonar for all his Ruff Ryders with Rebel Music Crew and Conway. The delightfully and bluntly named Twats rock the Sidebar with All or Nothing, the Cult Classics, and the Minotaurs. Mosaic presents a night of slick neo-soul with Shakedown. Serious singer-songstress Vienna Teng brings her guitar to the 8X10.

FRIDAY: Have all the death metal you can eat at the Ottobar with Darkest Hour, A Life Once Lost, From a Second Story Window, Versus the Mirror, and Misery Index. The femme rockers in Blondsai take it to the Talking Headís stage with support by Black Skies, Chelsea Graveyard, and the Rats. All aboard the mothership when the never-ending George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic tour touches down for a night at Rams Head Live. Nature-happy Richmond, Va., indie-poppers Homemade Knives hold a special show at the Current Gallery with In Every Room, A Cat Called Cricket, and Private Eleanor.

SATURDAY: Local indie-pop band Two if by Sea celebrates its CD-release party at the Ottobar with the Oranges Band and the Whigs. Two rooms of hip-hop at Sonar tonight with horror-rap maestros Necro, Igor Cavalera, Sabac and Ill Bill of Non-Phixion, and Lord Ezec on the main stage, and indie-rappers Akrobatik, Undersound Music, No White Flag, Knottsworth, Mr. Whitefolkz, and Illah on the club stage. Lo-fi, folk, and indie-pop at Charm City Space with Paleo, Scourge of the Sea, and Wax and Wane. Thrillsville sounds like an abandoned Sid and Marty Krofft production but instead plays the rock music at the Sidebar with the Moors Murderers and Wasted City. Legendary jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson blows his horn at a special performance with the Al Maniscalco Quartet at An die Musik. More jazz at the New Haven Lounge when the Tedd Baker Quartet swings for the first of two nights. Itís also the first day of the Reverent Fog Fest taking it to the streets outside the Talking Head with Kid Congo Powers, the twitchily rhythmic First Nation, local beauty merchants Beach House, Thank You, Wzt Hearts, Arbouretum, Madagascar, Yeveto, Rah Brahs, Butt Stomach, and the Donna Parker Trio.

SUNDAY: Itís day two of the Reverent Fog Fest outside and inside the Talking Head with Pennsylvaniaís finest No Trend tribute band Pissed Jeans, the Keystone State power trio Pearls and Brass, local spazzster Ponytail, Moonshine, Perestroika, Yukon, Lee Jae-Won, Air Conditioning, crispy-black one-man noise band Prurient, the always abrasive New Flesh, and the always batshit Human Host. The Tedd Baker Quartet plays the second of its two-night stint at the New Haven Lounge. Always a good time when Japanís Boris kicks up a shitstorm of noxious biker metal and black clouds of shoegaze at the Ottobar with Moonshine.

MONDAY: Ipanema, featuring former members of long-running Brit alt-rocker Mega City Four, crosses the pond to come to the Ottobar.

TUESDAY: Indie-rock band Page France takes it to its hometown stage at the Ottobar with In Ink Please, Assassinate Caesar!, Snow Cuts Glass, and Dead Mechanical. The Devil Spades and the Garnet Hearts entertain the punks, mods, and rockers at the Sidebar.

WEDNESDAY: Mr. Neil Michael Hagerty and his Howling Hex ride six twisted strings into the Talking Head tonight with Kayo Dot. Hey, did you know Nashville Pussy was still around and pimping the same olí shtick at Rams Head Live with the Rye Coalition, a band thatís a long way from the olí New Brunswick, N.J., VFW we remember? And former Smith Andy Rourke spins a special DJ set at Mosaic for a City Paper-sponsored event.

IN THE WINGS: Kelis can boss us around any time, but specifically on Oct. 13 when the futuristic R&B queen and Nasí babymama comes to Rams Head Live. (For more info call [410] 244-1131 or visit We officially feel old now that a reunited--well, minus the dead guy--Alice in Chains at Washingtonís 9:30 Club on Oct. 25 with Hurt and Modern Day Zero is sponsored by VH1 frigginí Classic of all things. (For more info call [202] 393-0930, or visit And so, wait, are the Slits playing the Black Cat on Nov. 5 with Apes and Eyes of the Killer Robot the real-deal Slits Slits? íCuz, like, holy shit if so. (For more info call [202] 667-7960 or visit

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