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The Short List


By Jess Harvell | Posted 10/4/2006

WEDNESDAY: If you’ve ever enjoyed a Mr. Bungle CD or spent all day channel surfing across basic cable, check out Dynamite Club at the Talking Head; the New York band takes cues from 1,000-mph cutup masters like the Ruins and the Boredoms and can comfortably tour with both avant-hippie troupe Sunburned Hand of the Man and hardcore legends Millions of Dead Cops. Or as the band’s label says, "the deepest music created by retard." Four teenagers possessed of the wisdom only known by guttersnipes, Be Your Own Pet isn’t old enough to drink, but that just means more time for cola, pixie sticks, coffee, and anything else to make the taut, speedy tunes go faster at Sonar with Black Lips.

THURSDAY: A hideous, joyful mess of gut-rumbling low-end and physically discomforting fuzz guitar, as if the golden age of Touch and Go and Amphetamine Reptile never ended, the New Flesh’s power-trio-of-hate batters the shit out of Charm City Space with fellow travelers Robert Inhuman, Zack Kouns, Deep Jew, Needlegun, and A) Torture Mechanism. And for something completely different under the tents at Mosaic, the Groove Junkies take a break from spinning funky house music at the world’s finest all-inclusive beach resorts to visit Charm City. Probably not to be confused with the other Groove Junkies who play classic rock covers in Connecticut. The Agrarians, Dave Heumann, the Cosmic Western Mystery Tradition, and Spider take things slow and low at Floristree Space for some folk-indie good times.

FRIDAY: Formerly local traveling troubadour Entrance plays his mix of the blues and folk and rock and one-world drone at the Talking Head with Daniel Higgs opening, and probably stealing the show, with his inimitable blend of flesh-flaying mouth harp and hypnotic, gnostic mantras. A different kind of musical dress-up transpires when Heavy Trash, the latest musical venture from Jon Spencer, comes to the Ottobar, this time trading up on Spencer’s longtime blues fixation for hyped-up rockabilly with very arched brows. Just re-form Pussy Galore already.

SATURDAY: The Talking Head presents a night of classic D.C.-style postpunk with a more introspective bent with Medications, Channels, Victory at Sea, and Elder Statesmen. Local indie-pop-rock hero Avec heads up a very packed show at Charm City Space with What’s That Sound?, Eleanor, the Hot One, the Doomed Reaction, and Five Shots Later rounding things out. Blow, daddy, blow: Free-jazz titan and world’s biggest Albert Ayler fan Peter Brötzmann threatens to blow a vein at An die Musik with master stickman Han Bennink providing the clatter under the saxophone skree. New Haven Lounge gets down to some hot Hammond organ action in the grand tradition of the two Jimmy’s, McGriff and Smith, when the Greg Hatza Organization comes to play the jazz.

SUNDAY: The Greg Hatza Organization closes out the second night of its stand at the New Haven Lounge.

MONDAY: Stab yourself with a rusty tin can for joy because Michigan haters Wolf Eyes are back in Baltimore to spread their rusty disease at the Talking Head, with Twig Harper’s bent mental circuitry returning to the stage after a long absence and maestro of bastard noise John Wiese. Must be something in that Ann Arbor water. And up at the Ottobar there’s another kind of new noise theology when the Monsters of Death tour rolls deep with Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation, and Abysmal Dawn, all playing, you guessed it, death metal. Two decapitation references on one tour package always equal good times.

TUESDAY: Sparta, the half of At the Drive In that isn’t the Mars Volta, brings its anthemic stadium emo to the decidedly non-stadium-sized confines of Washington’s Black Cat with the Sound Team and Lola Ray.

WEDNESDAY: Indie folky Tara Jane O’Neil comes to the Talking Head strapped with an acoustic guitar and some winsome, heartbreak melodies, plus local indie folkies Human Bell and Theo Angell. Truly bent modern blues from one-man band Dark Inside the Sun at the Current Gallery, as the guitarist/drummer mixes up hushed, acoustic introspection to make you weepy with some deeply startling avant-percussive freakouts to spin your head, with the True Primes and Grass Lung opening up. Now more Kate Bush than nü-metal, goth queen of our hearts Amy Lee and Evanescence come to Washington’s 9:30 Club. We’re always a sucker for a lot of black hair.

IN THE WINGS: Someone, somewhere is hoping that English pipsqueak rapper Lady Sovereign is going to make them a lot of money if and when she finally has her crossover American novelty hit. Check out what all the fuss is supposedly about when Sov comes to Washington’s 9:30 Club Oct. 28 with Young Love. (For more info call [202] 393-0930 or visit

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