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The Short List

King Kong

By Jess Harvell | Posted 4/11/2007

WEDNESDAY: He can sing and look pretty at Rams Head Live, but Tyrese does prove why you shouldn't give male models full executive producer control of their own albums. And singer-songwriter Gary Jules is big in England and hopefully big at the 8X10.

THURSDAY: The rock band with the snappiest logo painted on its kick drum in Baltimore, the Expotentials get it on at the Ottobar with Exit Clov, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes, and Cloud Cult. And pop-punkers the Ergs celebrate their seven-inch release party at Charm City Space with bunch of rock, folk, and punk bands that don't have new singles to hawk, including Savory James, the Ghost Town Trio, Oh Pioneer, and Active Sac.

FRIDAY: If legendary free-jazz sax man Peter Brotzmann is loud in a concert hall, we can only imagine what it's gonna feel like in the tiny Red Room at Normals Books and Records with electric bassist Marino Pliakas and drummer Michael Wertmuller. And the Sidebar kicks off the first of three nights of doom, sludge, and otherwise motherfuckin' metal with its Doom or Be Doomed Festival featuring Poobah, Against Nature, Chowder, and Argus. The Mishaps, Wayne Mutant and the Meat Vegan, and the Alexander Set are soundtracking the Lo-Fi Social Club's "Pain of Being Dead" night with tons of local artists, zombified cocktails, undead Charm City Roller Girls, and more. And though they're now less Timbaland and more indie rock, Canadian electro-poppers Junior Boys still got the beat at Washington's Black Cat with Aqueduct and Youth Group.

SATURDAY: Local metal trio Dark Water Transit bashes out some smarter-than-your-average-hesher heavy rock at an early show at the Ottobar with Buzzard and Darsombra, and Two if by Sea paddles into the Ottobar for a late show with Baby Aspirin, Shade, and the Safe Word Club. Long-running Drag City indie star King Kong climbs up the side of the H&H Building to rock the Floristree Space. Chuck Bettis and a gaggle of yet to be named local improvisers get to grips with a bunch of electronics at the Red Room with saxophonist Michael Straus opening things up. Dutch double bassist Wilbert de Joode explores a whole different kind of low-end theory at An die Musik with local ringers John Dierker on reeds and Will Redman on drums. And it's Day 2 of the Sidebar's Doom or Be Doomed Festival of springtime metal with Penance, Unorthodox, Revelation 1, Earth Ride, Kelly C., Orodruin, Electric Magma, Ogre, Valkyrie, and Admiral Browning.

SUNDAY: And if you still have any life left in your ears after two days of metal at the Sidebar's Doom or Be Doomed, you can round out the weekend with, hey, more metal at the festival's final day with Blood Farmers, Zebulon Pike, Revelation 2, Darsombra, Wretched, Buzzard, Pale Divine, Apostle of Solitude, and Depress. Dead Mechanical and Whiskey Trench may not know from doom metal but they know from rough and ready pop punk at Charm City Space. The Avett Brothers and Everybodyfields bang their heads on the banjo rock when they turn Towson's Recher Theatre into a suburban punk-rock bluegrass festival. And we still don't care how poppy and hooky the songs are, there's still something creepy about grown folks digging on prepubescent indie-pop duo Smoosh with the Postmarks at the Black Cat.

MONDAY: Only a major-label emo band in 2007 could come up with a name as perfectly self-deprecating and coy as Cute Is What We Aim For, angling its way into your MySpace top eight at Rams Head Live with Circa Survive.

TUESDAY: Pittsburgh emo-pop band Punchline has quite the complete line of merch, and will likely be hawking all of it at the Ottobar with the Fold, Permanent Me, the Graduate, and Gatsby Gets the Greenlight. Now you can experience the constipated, gray-haired, "soulful" horror that is American Idol winner and secretly old dude Taylor Hicks live onstage with Adam Hood at Rams Head Live. Or you can head down to the Black Cat and have your head bashed in by the heavy rock of the real-deal soulful old dudes in Blue Cheer, flattening whatever happens to crawl onstage with the help of An Albatross.

WEDNESDAY: Human Host plays some keyboards and explodes some demons at the Sidebar with Baby Aspirin and Yukon. Blowing up on the back of its ecstatic orchestral pop, Page France sings some indie-rocking praise songs at the Ottobar with the Headlights and the Royal Army Recording Co. And Los Angeles pan-genre funk-rockers Ozomalti jam it out at Sonar with Outernational.

IN THE WINGS: For whatever crazy reason, it took a long time for the Short List to come around on ska-loving, boyfriend-bashing Brit sass-mouth Lily Allen, but we'll definitely be at Sonar May 28 for her first Charm City appearance. (For more information call [410] 327-8333 or visit And for more show previews, reviews, and any other local music info fit to print online, check out City Paper's music blog Noise.

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