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The End, Part Two: The Beginning, Part Two

The Wham City Video Collection, a Sampling.

Posted 5/16/2007

Jimmy Joe Roche: How to Make a Toothbeef Sandwich

"Instructions how to make the most delicious sandwich you will ever eat! This is Fun!"

Jimmy Joe Roche: The Baltimore Shopping Network

"We got 250 of these items left, but there selling like flapjacks, buy now!!!!!"

Jimmy Joe Roche: Ultimate Reality at the Silent Barn

"Clip of Ultimate reality performed at Silent Barn in Brooklyn NY march 8th. Live drumming by Kevin O'Meara (Videohippos, Bloodbaby, Buttstomach) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail, Dan and Jeremy's Flange Band, Cat Masturbate) Video by Jimmy Joe Roche, Musical Direction Dan Deacon."

Meredith Moore: DIAMONDZ

"my senior video thesis: parody of rich diamond loving woman, and crazy diamond sparkly animations"

Dina Kelberman: New Messages

"A video made by Dina Kelberman. Premiered at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore MD 2006."

Marc Brown: Bill & Ted's Bootleg Butoh Journey

" experimental documentary film in which future forward nostalgia heros of the the millennial generation, Bill & Ted, fall head first into a pirated post-psycadelic re-examination of the origins and contemporary examples of the post-world-war Japanese dance form known as Butoh."

Ed Schrader: The Ed Schrader Show Promo

"Produced by Mark Brown"

Kevin O'Meara and Meredith Moore: Man's Man

"Have you ever been in love and then realized that you are a space alien?"

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