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The Short List

Pig Destroyer

By Bret McCabe | Posted 8/15/2007

WEDNESDAY: Of course he's a white boy: Death rapper Necro--author of such hip-hop gems as "Enter my sex club, I got a slut bent on the floor/ 100 percent hardcore, a carnivore to whores/ I got the pussy meat in my jaw, eating it raw/ the period bleeding is pure"--rocks the ultraviolent rhymes at Sonar. The U.K.'s Terra Diablo trucks mucho indie-pop into the Ottobar with local trio Red Sammy and Piano Becomes the Teeth. She filled the bathtub, took the razor blade, and sliced: Local big-bore noise-rock quartet Dactyl brings the next wave of Who to the Sidebar with Caltrop, Black Skies, Blagard, and the Malevoiy.

THURSDAY: Religious Knives--the trio of Double Leopards Mike Bernsteing and Maya Miller with Mouthus' Nate Nelson--kicks off the latest round of shows at the Golden West Café with the Lexie Mountain Boys and Woods. New York's textbook indie-rock combo the Octagon will turn you around at the Metro Gallery with Pash, the Private Sea, and the endless-summer power-pop of Montreal's girl-fronted sextet Bad Flirt. Nickelodeon hardbody Cory Yarckin makes sweet, bland The Hills rock at Sonar with Eleven:54. Chicago's major-label hardcore heartthrob Rise Against leaves the good undone at Rams Head Live with Silverstein, Comeback Kid, and Smoke or Fire.

FRIDAY: Raise your cell phone like a lighter: 92Q welcomes T.I., Ciara, T. Pain, Young Juc, and Lloyd to 1st Mariner Arena for Summer Jam 2. Capillary Action tightly winds its punkrockjazzIDM at the Charm City Space with equally all-over-the-map trio Zdrastvootie, Flowers on the Razor Wire, and Towson's Part Time All-Stars. Around the corner, dream-pop duo the Sky Drops turn green to red at Metro Gallery with local duo Monarch, Airiel, and A Place to Bury Strangers. C-Rayz Walz and Sharkey invade Sonar's club side; over on the main stage Los Angeles' terminally hip DJ duo Guns 'n' Bombs remix-rocks Taxlo with New York's postpunky dance outfit Professor Murder.

SATURDAY: Sax man John Dierker, bassist Michael Formanek, and drummer Devin Gray wash the bad taste of the Paetec Jazz Festival from your mouth at Koffee Therapy. Local wonder woman Jenny Graf gets quiet at the Golden West Café with Glorytellers. L.A.'s gal-powered Mika Miko makes the room spin at Floristree with Double Dagger, Best Fwends, and Deathset. Killick--the nom de performance of Athens, Ga., guitar and guitar-ish instrument improviser Killick Erik Hinds--plays in a trio with hometown heavyweights Neil Feather and Samuel Burt at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with Benito Cereno, who we can only assume isn't the Melville novella. Veteran Midwestern hardcore/metal powerhouse Coalesce hammers the Ottobar--the band's There Is Nothing New Under the Sun Zeppelin covers project is being rereleased by Hydra Head with new vocals--along with Daughters, See You Next Tuesday, and Pig Destroyer, whose latest, Phantom Limb, is a grindcore metal statement that has yet to grow old to these ears. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra principal violinist Qing Li performs Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major with pianist Hou-Fei Yang at An die Musik at 3 p.m. Local rocker Two if by Sea drinks its white zin on ice at the Sidebar with Greenland and Gary B and the Notions. Silver Spring's Breakfast hits the Charm City Art Space with local industrial-noise fun machine Abiku, the Hi-Red Center, and Cream Center.

SUNDAY: Philly's gal-powered hardcore hitter Witch Hunt tears up the Charm City Art Space with A Warm Gun. Kittie scars Sonar with It Dies Today and a gaggle of fucking metal bands with, like, either one or four (or more) word names.

MONDAY: The Peabody Jazz Quartet holds An die Musik down for real jazz fans. Pale Horse rides the Sidebar with Know the Score, Steel Nation, Under One Flag, and Trapped Under Ice.

TUESDAY: Glasgow's dream-pop Camera Obscura graces Sonar's stage with Last Town Chorus.

WEDNESDAY: Berlin's totally fun and incorrigibly catchy Stereo Total plays every generation of jet-setting Eurotrash pop at the Ottobar with the Octopus Project and Thrushes.

IN THE WINGS: Local mood-jazz combo Gunwife Gone plays an EP-release show at the Ottobar Aug. 31 with OFM, Even So, Bethany Dinsick, and the Bow Legged Gorilla with emcee Shodekeh. (For more information call [410] 662-0069 or visit The Brazilian party people in Bonde do Role fire up Sonar with the Death Set Sept. 12. And they're tan, they're rested, they're legal: Hanson slouches into Sonar Sept. 15. (For more information call [410] 327-8333 or visit Local combo Quartet Offensive--John Dierker, Matt Frazao, Adam Hopkins, and Nathan Ellman-Bell--performs the works of Ornette Coleman at An die Musik Sept. 1. (For more information call [410] 385-2638 or visit

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