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The Short List


By Michael Byrne | Posted 12/12/2007

WEDNESDAY: Kid-themed blues/soul music is the sorta creepy order of the night at the Cat's Eye Pub, where Muleman gets "southern fried." The Ottobar's a black hole of loveliness tonight with alt/odd songstresses Lizz King, Abby Mott, and the Violet Hour opening for Brooklyn bliss sorcerer/sorceress White Magic.

THURSDAY: The cold, dead machines of Chemlab get screeching and grinding at Sonar with U.S.S.A.--the second "s" is for "super," we think--and Skeleton Key. Electro-dance-thingamagig Damn Right does this every Thursday at the 8X10, but there isn't much else happening really, so why not? Technicolor Brother starts the night. Dillinger Escape Plan is a sight to see--bright lights! fire!--no matter of your love for heart attack music, and something worthy of a blog entry is sure to go down at its Ottobar show tonight; A Life Once Lost, Genghis Tron--one of our favorite ballistic techno grind bands--and Shat open.

FRIDAY: Local alternarocker Anamide showcases its newest recording spawn--Lesson In Control--tonight with 7layersdeep, Schift, Fosterchild, and Cryptic Mind at Rams Head Live. Ariosa, also on the CD release tip and the alternarock tip, showcases its newest wares with Blind Rhetoric, 7 Days Torn, Zen Black, and Boombots in Sonar's main room. In Sonar's club space, the rhymes flow like melting snow with Comp, Snapz, Fresh Competition, Digga S, the Profit, and Cezar all taking a turn at the mic. Basshound, Maryland's finest--actually tied for it with, like, 30 others--in college flavored giant-inflatable-yellow-smiley-face music, makes the sounds your bong secretly longs for at the 8X10 with Mad Sweet Pangs. One of our favorite purveyors of funk, Lafayette Gilchrist and New Volcanos, owns the night at the New Haven Lounge. For Morphius Records' Christmas bash, it brings in Statehood, a direct descendent of the beloved Dismemberment Plan, Cex, and Gary B and the Notions to the Talking Head.

SATURDAY: Can you even handle this? Like 30 "modern rock" type bands playing in one room in one night? Well, hats off to you, sir or madam, if you've got the endurance. The list: Foretold, Twenty for Seven, of Broken, Haddonfield, Soul Affect, Bond and Bentley, Truth Be Told, Minus One, Odd Girl Out, Outreach, Infraction, Silence the Myth, and the Deep End. The marathon happens at Sonar. You might be better off with some good ole fashioned rock `n' roll at the Ottobar with the always-reliable Glenmont Popes, the Expotentials, King Giant, Lump, 40 Acres, Johnny Love and Speed, and Agents of the Sun. Modern Machines bring the power-chord love to the Lo-Fi Social Club with the Jons, Deep Sleep, and Girls Like Cigarettes. Paper Tongue lays a really uncomfortable garage-punk kiss on you at Sidebar with Fun Brigade. Or you could head down to Washington and do the techno tango with New York's Brazilian Girls, starting the party at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

SUNDAY: Spend some time with the fam, catch up on your reading, just stay in bed; there's a whole bunch of nothing going on tonight.

MONDAY: Down in Alexandria, Aimee Mann presents her "2nd Annual Christmas Show," and over in Annapolis the Pat MgGee Band starts off a three-night run of jam rock at Rams Head Tavern. Back in Baltimore, you've either got trad jazz at An die Musik with the Peabody Jazz Quartet playing its weekly night or, you know, still staying in bed.

TUESDAY: Towson's Recher Theatre quakes with Anti-Flag (still) preaching and howling against, well, the flag; likeminded punkers Bomb the Music Industry and the Code open. Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billies, Rhode Island's finest in rockabilly, storm the Ottobar with Quintin and the Barnstormers and Cat Deluxe.

IN THE WINGS: Wu-Tang Clan finally arrives, toting its long-time-coming, fantastically weird 8 Diagrams Jan. 9 at Rams Head Live. (For more information call [410] 244-1131 or visit

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