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The Short List


By Michael Byrne | Posted 12/26/2007

WEDNESDAY: OK, so we have no idea whom "Christine" is but she must be pretty damn special to have her own Christineapalooza. Right? She's brought in the rockish funk music of D. Gookin along with Woo, Stick Bottle Bandits, Joppa, and a David Bowie cover band, the David Bowie Cover Band, all to the 8X10. Downtown Singapore delivers a three-guitar-rock smack to the Ottobar with Lionize, Armoreta, and Count Your Blessings opening. Metal's on tap tonight at the Sidebar with Live to Die bringing the weight with As the Kingdom Falls, Final Redemption, and Acadius. Comedy bands--"joke bands" just seems mean--Freedom Enterprise, Evolution, and Far From Earth gather at Towson's Recher Theatre for the Rock for Ed Block Benefit Show. But, really, the action's in Washington tonight with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony bringing more flow than the Mississippi to the 9:30 Club.

THURSDAY: The theater punkers of the Dresden Dolls get all dressed for a night at Rams Head Live with Meow Meow. Watch Man Walk steps all over the Ottobar with bluesified indie; Marynova and the Ghostwrite, Balk open.

FRIDAY: Mid-Atlantic alternarock fave Carbon Leaf drops in at Annapolis' Rams Head Tavern. With its eyes on that coveted "alternarock fave" tag, Egypt Central, of, um, Bubba the Love Sponge fame, comes to the Ottobar with 40 Acres, Lennox, and Leap Year. Mid-Atlantic ska faves the Pietasters toot their own horns at the 8X10 with Chopteeth. Count on some "Oi!"s tonight at the Sidebar with the Pogo, Above All Hope, and Combat Crisis making war not love. A local hip-hop all-star cast of Ogun, Salim and the Music Lovers, Snapz, and Skarr Akbarr gets together to support old-school legend Rakim at Sonar. Even older-school legend Patti Smith takes the stage at Washington's 9:30 Club

SATURDAY: Dark Star Orchestra, as relentless as cover bands get, does the Grateful Dead at Rams Head Live. Heroin U.K. throws up a few buckets of reverb and punk snot at the Lo-Fi Social Club with Suicide Dolls, We Read Minds, and Algebra for Need. Let's have a fuck yes for tonight's hip-hop lineup of Washington collective Low Budget Crew's Kaimbr, CY Young, and RoddyRod all spitting rhyme at the (New) Turntable Club. Washington punk legends the Slickee Boys aren't anything--not even a little bit--like boys after two decades of being loud and rough, but give 'em some credit for maintaining; they play the Ottobar with Chelsea Graveyard and the Screams at Midnight, Jukebox Zeros, and the Howling Mad. Finally, a whole boatload of college-funk goes down at the 8X10 with the Chase, Shook, and Lemonface. If you have no idea what we mean by "college-funk," then this is your show.

SUNDAY: Psych-pop quartet Adelphi brings its "love, love, love" to the Recher Theater for its last time--yes, the band's breaking up--with Mir and the Moon, Armoreta, Some Like It Hot, and the Bigger Lights. Self-identified "jam band" Tealeaf Green, um, jams at the 8X10 with the Hackensaw Boys and the Hillbilly Gypsies.

MONDAY: Hey, it's New Year's Eve, the most drunkenest night of the year, next to, you know, St. Patrick's Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Labor Day, Memorial Day, your respective birthdays/bachelor parties/normal-weekend-benders/whatevers. Really, you'll find a DJ on every block, but if you need to ring it in with live music . . . the Grilled Lincolns, besides having a name that makes this writer want to throw his chair out the window, makes snowboard rock for kids that never got off Sublime at the 8X10 with the Cheaters and Hotbox. Samba Trovao, Washington's enormous samba drum collective, sets the rhythm at Red Maple with Rosaria, DJ JazzDropper, DJ Brooksie, and DJ Jointz. DJs Matt Walter (a CP staffer) and Craig Boarman hit the decks for an indie-friendly spin session at the Ottobar.

TUESDAY: Seriously? Tonight? Alright, if you need to be out--we're worried about you, by the way--Trasher will carve out your eardrums at Charm City Art Space if opener Sacrificial Blood doesn't do it first.

IN THE WINGS: Hip-hop positive thinker Lupe Fiasco comes to Sonar on Jan. 27, and Portland, Ore., sex-disco duo Glass Candy, making only one of two East Coast appearances, visits the club Jan. 18. (For more information call [410] 327-8333 or visit Indie schizos the Fiery Furnaces keep the Ottobar warm (har!) on Jan. 25. (For more show information call [410] 662-0069 or visit

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