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The Short List


By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/20/2008

WEDNESDAY: Hey, wow, it's a dude from Kiss, right here in our humble little burg. That's right, Ace Frehley had best have his makeup on straight tonight at Rams Head Live; the Trews and Cheaters open. Friend of Mr. Lif and rapping sports reporter, for reals, Akrobatik showcases his new album of firebreathed battle-rap at the Ottobar with Snapz, Brake Fast Records, Makeshift Deluxe, T.M.F., Remedy, and Steez. Tucson, Ariz.'s American Black Lung thunders out the Revelations at the Charm City Space for love of God and loathing of you with My America Is Watching Tigers Die, WereWolves, Perestroika, and Another Reason to Hate Machines. The Oregon wholesome hippie-folkers in Canoe take a break from the bookstore circuit--not that there's anything wrong with playing a bookstore, mind you--and hit Bedrock with Ex Girl and Direct Feed.

THURSDAY: M.O.D., featuring a dude that was an Anthrax roadie--hey, stay calm--and was in S.O.D., brings its fury to the Ottobar with Absolute Vengeance, Fierce Allegiance, Season of Fear, and Strong Intention.

FRIDAY: Sonar's busy tonight with local music syndicate Static Chain presenting a scattered bill of Woody Lissauer, Doug Ahern, King Lewman, Gregory T. Scruggs, the Slow Learners, Gene Gregory, and Lookout Point in the club room. In the main room, Sonar tests out its new sound system with Raiders of the Lost Rave, probably exactly what it sounds like, featuring Infuseon and Elliot Lidard on the decks. Jersey City garage throwbacks the Black Hollies head up the night at the Talking Head with Sri Aurobindo, the Flying Eyes, and Wailsounds. Positively dreamy Fools and Horses keep on the fast track to modern-rock megastardom with soon-to-be hangers-on the Lake Effect and 'Til Sunrise at Towson's Recher Theatre. The Magregor Burns Band brings its wonderfully bent psych-pop something-or-other to the Ottobar with Good Guise and the Breakups.

SATURDAY: Seven Days Torn--"an all-original rock/alternative rock band from Baltimore, Maryland"--changes the face of music as we know it with Abstraxt, Blind Rhetoric, Brighter Shades, and Mind at Rams Head Live. Or, for something on the not sucky side of things, down at Baltimore Chop, charming folk outfit Bombadil shares some good vibes. And afterward, you just know you're gonna need some drum 'n' bass deep in your skull at Sonar with Ewun, Lady Maroo, Maboroshi, and Kaotix. Late Night Breakfast, Baltimore's finest in rap-metal, plays a CD-release show at the Ottobar with Louis Logic, JJ Brown, Driving in Silence, Dowdee McCracken, Vinny Vegas, Peter Parker, and Steez . Club master Scottie B slays the decks at the Talking Head with Philly party starters Emynd and Bo Blizz.

SUNDAY: Joining Daniel Johnston at the Ottobar is the always quite sweet banjo- and beat-toting Lizz King, along with the also quite sweet indie pop of Jason Dove and the Magic Whip. Natural Breakdown gets its jammy jam on at the 8X10--if that's your thing. Downtown at Baltimore Chop, Brooklyn, N.Y., folk duo Paleface gets a little more intimate.

MONDAY: Dude-from-the-Ataris Kristopher Roe blows our minds with his freakish upside-down guitar trick at the Ottobar with Things That Fly, North Col, and Oh, the Story! Sinister Insane Clown Posse spawn Twiztid gives you a real good reason to stay clear of Towson tonight at the Recher.

TUESDAY: Supporting the punk-fuzz awesomeness of Shooting Spires at the Talking Head is a solid handful of Baltimore's own awesome: Video Hippos, Wzt Hearts, and the Methamphetamines.

IN THE WINGS: Toronto indie-pop darlings the Stars come to Sonar March 19. (For more information call [410] 327-8333 or visit The Ottobar goes positively off the chain March 12 with electro-jackhammer MSTRKRFT, Lazaro Casanova, and--hells yeah--Rye Rye. (For more information call [410] 662-0069 or visit

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