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The Short List

The Raveonettes

By Michael Byrne | Posted 3/26/2008

WEDNESDAY: California hardcore beat-down All Teeth bares its fangs at the Charm City Art Space with Alarmed, Blind the Thief, and History. Isle of Man dweller Back Door Slam brings its Hendrix-bowed blues rock to the 8X10 with the local blues revival children of Old Man Brown. Jazz/rock fusion guitar savant Larry Coryell stops off at Annapolis' Rams Head Tavern. Basically the show to end all shows, R&B cornerstone Mary J. Blige shares a bill with Jay-Z at 1st Mariner Arena. Prog-rock outfit Soihadto plays the Ottobar with Prince-loving space cadet Hot Magic, Muscle Twin, and All the Oceans.

THURSDAY: If your soul isn't already beyond saving, Casting Crowns soft-rocks for Christ at 1st Mariner Arena. Elliott Levine brings his smoothed-out jazz grooves to Club 347. The Charm City Space gets a sort of hushed break with the folky acoustic punk of Horn and Tusk, the Owls Go, TC Baby Wolf, and Drug Money. Mass Shivers bring their fantastically weird tribal garage rock to the Talking Head with Smarts and Witchhat. Rant and Riot does just that in drunk-punk sing-along form with the Boils and, um, Sister Fister at the Sidebar. Former Television dude Richard Lloyd comes to Sonar with his Sufimonkey Trio, along with local indie-popper Jason Dove and the Shadow of Condor, Savory James, and Scout. Recently reunited, Rustic Overtones, Maine's finest in funk rock, play the 8X10 with Lake Effect. Ruut, a fine and lovely songstress whom we kinda imagine gets together for creepy séances with Sarah McLaughlin and Natalie Merchant, hits the books at Baltimore Chop. The Traumas inflict maximum garage-punk damage on the Ottobar with Harlot, the Points, and Kid Tiger. Bass guitar legend Victor Wooten hunts out the brown note at Towson's Recher Theatre.

FRIDAY: Baltimore's Cheaters revive the "big" rock at the 8X10 with Philly's Fat City Reprise and Shiver. Poland-meets-Brazil-meets-jazz duo Com Você makes the lovely even lovelier at An die Musik. Bounce-along indie-popper Emilia Band plays with Summer so Far at Rams Head Live. Mr. Moccasin (which includes City Paper contributor Jared T. Fischer) makes expansive, world-aware indie-rock landscapes at the Lo-Fi Social Club with the Ruined Frame, Vincent, the Multi V's, and A.K. Slaughter. Baltimore's "Big Daddy" Stallings and his New Orleans-flavored blues band sets up at New Haven Lounge. Everyone takes a big old bite of Psychocandy tonight at the Ottobar with the Raveonettes, Black Acid, and Thrushes all taking a turn at the distortion pedal. Chicago's Rise of Man brings its jagged metal sludge to the Sidebar. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, finally fully out of the hippie closet, play Washington's 9:30 Club with the enigmatic and generally awesome John Vanderslice.

SATURDAY: Sublime tribute band Badfish skanks upon Bradley Nowell's grave, which is starting to look pretty rough by now, at Rams Head Live with Scotty Don't--which is, shit you not, another Sublime tribute band--Shoreline, and Pasadena. Throwback stadium rockers Hounds of Hell play the considerably less-than-stadium Ottobar with Filthy Rotten Sex Machines, the Break-Up, and Mumbley Peg. The ageless Judy Collins, who has pretty much hit every base in music--from folk to show tunes--at least twice, graces the stage at Towson's Goucher College. The technophiles at the Depot's biweekly More or Less party bring up Washington's Outputmessage, a part of the revered Ghostly International label, for a set of thick, fogged IDM. Hardcore throb Strength for a Reason cracks some skulls at the Sidebar with Screws, and Scheduled Beating. New Orleans jam act Swampadelica plays the 8X10 with Black and Tan Fantasy Band. Sonar keeps in its weird-as-all-heck video game-themed rave nights with this eve's installment, Tomb Raver--glow sticks or Wii controllers? Unforgettable Fire is a U2 tribute band--as in, its members even dress up like U2, and U2 dresses like extra-dimensional Eurotrash--at the Recher.

SUNDAY: The Bill Charlap and Renee Rosnes Duo, a married pair of widely acclaimed jazz pianists, spar on the keys at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Reason of the week to drive to Washington: the amorphous, supremely deft indietronics of Caribou, along with Fuck Buttons, a wonderful noise oscillation between bliss and pain, both playing at the Rock and Roll Hotel. The Coma Lillies bring their sharp, near-bruising posteverything instrumentals to the Charm City Space with Big Black Cloud, Doctor Nick, Rota, and 1994. Junior Brown, inventor of the "guit steel" double-necked guitar, brings his honky-tonk rock 'n' roll to Rams Head Tavern. Emo mainstay Say Anything keeps your kids entertained at the Recher with Manchester Orchestra, Biffy Clyro, and Weatherbox. Black-metal doomsayer Vital Remains spits in your god's eye at the Ottobar with Demericous, Strong Intention, Fallen Martyr, and As the Kingdom Falls.

MONDAY: Blacklisted brings its pounding, roaring hardcore to the Ottobar with Verse, Trash Talk, Trapped Under Ice, and Warpriest. The 8X10 gets classy with tonight's "Boobs, Bands, and Beer"--with Can't Hang, the Jon Bailey Band, and Shook!!!--swipe at the hearts of Baltimore's slightly less hippie college population. Thanks for keeping them out of my neighborhood.

TUESDAY: The Alan Parsons Live Project, pretty much just what it sounds like, brings the master of cheese-prog's work to life at Rams Head Tavern. Sonar brings the World of Drum N Bass to Baltimore with Randall, DJ SS, Simon Bassline Smith, Greenlaw, Silver, the Brigade, Mixmaster Doc, and Inflictz all shooting certainly unhealthy amounts of bass and repetition into your system. Like, you're going to wake up pulsing or something.

IN THE WINGS: Tom Greenwood, the massive brain behind Jackie-O Motherfucker's psych deconstruction of all things American music, comes to the Talking Head April 17 with Lexie Mountain and Joanne Robertson. (For more information visit or call [410] 962-5588.)

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