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Cex and Ecstatic Sunshine Announce Tour


By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/9/2008

In support of its sophomore album, Way (Cardboard Records), released today, Ecstatic Sunshine is taking its joyful, cathartic not-quite-noise from coast-to-coast for a monthlong tour with the not even a little bit dormant Cex, aka former City Paper contributor Rjyan Kidwell. It's no surprise for Ecstatic Sunshine, though "supporting" the album might be a wee misleading given that Way doesn't have much to do with the re-formed ES.

For Kidwell, who was supposedly putting his Cex moniker aside in favor of his Sand Cats project with wife Roby Newton, this news comes a little out of the blue, though he's been quietly revealing his new material--odd, jagged-edged dubstep--around town for the past couple of months.

The tour kicks off April 18 in Brooklyn and ends May 17 in Washington, with, er, no Baltimore stop.

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