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The Short List

The Hold Steady

By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/25/2008

WEDNESDAY: Brothers Alan and Richard Bishop present their Sun City Girls tribute "The Brothers Unconnected," which has them doing a whole slew of old classics, rarities, etc. in guitar duo form at Washington's Black Cat, and even if you're just tangentially aware of Sun City Girls, this shouldn't be missed. But, neither should Harvey Milk, Georgia's finest in heavy ZZ Top-loving rock, at the Ottobar with Dianogah, Storm of Light, and Dactyl. The Plagiarists, yes, nick off a whole lot of things indie-rock, but it's still fine and good and cheap at the Sidebar with Arden. Times New Viking makes fuzz rock for the kids at Washington's Rock and Roll Hotel with Titus Andronicus and True Womanhood.

THURSDAY: This sounds tempting, but we're still awfully leery of a Butthole Surfers reunion--at the 930 Club with the Apes--after, you know, "Pepper," Weird Revolution, and so forth, but this is supposedly an almost complete Another Man's Sac--era line-up, so, well, we'll see. Dethlok, as seen (sort of) on the Cartoon Network's Metalocalypse, comes to life at Rams Head Live with Chimaira, and Soilent Green. North Carolina's Thunderlip lays a fat, wet rock kiss on the Talking Head with the Mishaps, Colossus, and the Exponentials. Baltimore MC Teop drops his new album at Sonar with an impressive supporting cast including Mullyman, Clay Way, Comp, and Skarr-Akbar. Agent Orange, some three decades later, can still make a room quake at the Ottobar with Sick Sick Birds, Fear of Lipstick, Team Stray, and Be My Doppelganger.

FRIDAY: The Hold Steady, alleged savior of working-class rock `n' roll, makes a damn good case for just that at the Rams Head Live with the bleary psych-rock of Birds of Avalon. Ireland's United Bible Studies brings its pastoral hypno-folk to the Talking Head with the murky, spiritual folk of Baltimore commune/band Long Live Death, Sharron Kraus, and Kohoutek. The Insubordination Fest shakes the dull out of Towson tonight with Ann Beretta, the Ergs!, Copyrights, Off With Their Heads, the Drunken Cholos, and more at the Recher Theatre. Alto sax virtuoso Jim Snidero wets his reed at New Haven Lounge, performing with his New York-based jazz quartet. We'd kinda thought Ladytron had gone extinct, or at least had fallen in with the state fair circuit, but, not so, the English foursome brings the electroclash like it's 1999 to Sonar with Datarock; Taxlo hosts an afterparty with Cullen Stalin and Simon Phoenix.

SATURDAY: Burning Brides, one of the more tepid of the aughties hipster metal outfits, drops and rolls at the Ottobar with the Headshakes and the Logos. Miss at your own risk: Mission of Burma, the punk band that predicted just about everything in indie-ish rock you've dug on in the past, like, 15 years, revisits its revered Vs. album at the Black Cat. Meanwhile, an equally miss-at-your-own-risk show happens at Columbia's Merriweather Post Pavilion: Thievery Corporation--performing live--along with TV on the Radio, Seu Jorge, Ladytron, Turntables on the Hudson, and Federico Aubele. Alternarocker Elise Major releases her new record at the 8X10 with Atomic Brides and the Names. Ulrich Schnauss brings his lovely swirlies to the Metro Gallery with Screen Vinyl Image, Auburn Lull, and Luxa. The second day of the mammoth pop-punk heavy Insubordination Fest happens at Sonar with the Queers, Sweet Baby, Sludgeworth, Sloppy Seconds, Weston, and more. Orion Studios hosts the math-rock-free-jazz of North Carolina's Ahleuchatistas, kindred spirits to Hella, Don Cabellero, and you get the picture, along with Planets.

SUNDAY: Apparently "deathcore" keeps an early bed time because tonight's packed lineup of various metal tangents at the Ottobar stars at 5 p.m.: Emmure, A Life Once Lost, and Veil of Maya get top billing. Raheem DeVaughn and Chrisette Michele help Columbia find its soul tonight at Merriweather Post Pavilion; Dwele opens.

MONDAY: Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, doing his solo thing, makes the mascara run at Rams Head Live. Russian Circles stir up a lovely/angry gloom at the Ottobar with Daughters and the Austerity Program.

TUESDAY: One man band Markitect brings his cute poptronic songs to the Ottobar with the Shake `Em Ups, Mr. Moccasin (which includes City Paper contributor Jared Fischer), and Blame Jeffery. Brooklyn, NY's Benyaro brings its pretty, melodramatic pop-folk to the Baltimore Chop.

WEDNESDAY: Hear how the Netherlands renders Americana with that country's Taneytown approximating a drawl at the Baltimore Chop.

IN THE WINGS: Plenty sweet indie-pop outfit Jukebox the Ghost returns to Baltimore July 17 at the Ottobar. (For more information visit or call [410] 662-0069.) A little thing called Whartscape happens July 17-20 with more acts than we're about to list here, but stand-outs include Matmos, Black Dice, Parts and Labor, Beach House, and Celebration; no idea yet where it's going to be happening. (For more information visit

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