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The Short List

Ted Leo

By Michael Byrne | Posted 12/10/2008

WEDNESDAY: Angela Desveaux brings her well-chilled, updated brand of alt-country to the Golden West with the Mighty Ship. The Ottobar brings its "art fight" event back--kinda like a live art competition--with soundtracks courtesy of MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YT Cracker, and Karmella's Game. Alternaband Avenged Sevenfold makes a whole bunch of money at Rams Head Live with Burn Halo and Burn the Fields. Santa Dads poke up for what feels like a rare show at the Windup Space with Mr. Moccasin (featuring CP contributor Jared T. Fischer), Br'er, and the Laughing Man.

THURSDAY: The Gene Ween Band--a spinoff of, well, you know--brings something surreal to Towson's Recher Theatre with tough-to-track Slint dude David Pajo. Well-calculated alterna-metal band Mudvayne makes a whole bunch of money at Rams Head Live with 10 Years and a band called Snot. Charming Washington, D.C. pop outfit Jukebox the Ghost is a very friendly spirit at the Talking Head with Pete and J and Pretty and Nice. Davey G. and the Keyboard brings his "fusion of rock, polka, new wave, and really just whatever keyboard pre-set is appropriate for the song" to the Sidebar with Rare Candy, Markitect, and Contra.

FRIDAY: Massachusetts punk outfit Frogball preaches the gospel of Pizza, Soda, and World Peace at the Charm City Space with the Fake Boys, Brick, Bad Habit, and Blind the Thief. Jazz provocateur Lafayette Gilchrist and the New Volcanoes get all kinds of molten at Joe Squared. Nashville's Parachute Musical brings its brooding, baroque pop to the Metro Gallery with Pianowire, Eureka Birds, and Bella Noir. Tax Lo gets thumping with Philly techno all-in-one Pink Skull, Dave Nada, Cullen Stalin, and Simon Phoenix. Sleepy indie-rock trio the Radar Bros. wrap the Talking Head in a foggy blanket with the Payola Reserve and E. Joseph. Jazz organist Gregg Hatza pounds the keys with his sextet, the Organ-ization, at New Haven Lounge. Weekends--a kind of kick-ass local, rowdy psych-rock outfit--is at the Hexagon with Lands and Peoples, Happy Family, Kirby Adams, and Super Vacations. Smoke-voiced songstress Lizz King brings her electronic-folk to the Windup Space with Talk to Animals, Meredith Moore, and Mark Brown. Indie elder statesman Ted Leo performs at the G-Spot.

SATURDAY: New Jersey-based Baltimore club DJ and sometimes Rod Lee sidearm DJ Tameil spins at the Hexagon's Brick Bandits party with King Tutt, Tim Dollar, and Nacey. Viola charmer/experimentalist Alexander Bruck is at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with Jacob Wick and Andrew Greenwald. The Agrarians bring their folk pastorals to Joe Squared with Among Wolves and the Betty Rats. The blistering piano rock of J Roddy Walston and the Business is at the Ottobar with Gringo Starr. Dull bro-rock outfit Saving Abel gets all testosteroney out at the Recher Theatre with Of Broken, the Becoming, and Charm City Devils. Worthy indie-pop outfit the Spinto Band plays the Talking Head with the Oxford Collapse and Impossible Hair. Alt-country songwriter Caleb Stine delivers a little twang to the 8X10 with Salim and the Music Lovers. The Dead End Boys head up a night of punk and all its tangents at the Sidebar with Washington's Screws, the Baltimore Bastards, Pennsylvania's Cutters, and Suspect Citizen. Local post-rock outfit Sawhorse celebrates the release of its debut record at the Metro Gallery with Pianos Become the Teeth and Monolith. Corporate city-guide web site Metromix puts on a free show at Sonar with a good batch of worthy locals including Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends, Squååks, Gary B and the Notions, Soul Cannon, and Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse.

SUNDAY: Country picker Roy Clark performs at Annapolis' Rams Head Tavern. The Talking Head is ear-shatteringly loud tonight with the jagged-edge punk of Vincent Black Shadow, Orphan, and the Convocation.

MONDAY: The Night Marchers--direct descendent of Rocket From the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu, at least--bring their still kinda in the oven garage tunes to the Ottobar with Sick Weapons, Two Tears, and Hot Pursuit. Something called "An Annapolis Christmas" happens at Rams Head Tavern tonight and tomorrow with bogglingly long lists of local bands doing Christmas songs, "original and classic."

TUESDAY: Ssion, a pretty decent performance and moustache heavy new-disco band out of Kansas, plays the Metro Gallery with Scary River and the Tax Lo DJs. Sonar, a Peabody ensemble that aims to bring light to contemporary classical compositions, performs at An die Musik.

WEDNESDAY: Perfect hair emo-etc. band There for Tomorrow is at the Ottobar with no openers listed as of this writing. Florida punx Routine Scheme headlines the Sidebar with Connect Four.

IN THE WINGS: It's honestly looking pretty bleak out there right now. Like, there isn't even that much worth telling you about here coming to Washington in the near future. So, how about Clutch at the 9:30 Club on Dec. 29 with Russian Circles, Viking Skull, and Caverns? (For more information visit

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