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Starry, Starry Night

Jefferson Jackson Steele
DJ Brainstorm works the wax at the waterfront stage, one of six separate music areas at Starscape.
Jefferson Jackson Steele
Gabriel Hall of the dance group gearbox essays an effortless aerial walk-over on the performance stage.
Jefferson Jackson Steele
The winged "Katie" was the good faerie of the portable toilets.
Jefferson Jackson Steele
Travis Gintz traveled from Roanoke, Va., to spin his light sticks.
Jefferson Jackson Steele
Local partygoers relax in a chill space made from a portable jungle gym, cargo netting, bungee cords, and twinkle lights.

By Jefferson Jackson Steele | Posted 6/12/2002




You had to be there.

Well, that's not true. You didn't have to be there. But the experience of dancing all night to tunes spun by more than 40 DJs at Ultraworld's fourth annual Starscape event, then capping it off by watching the sun rise over Key Bridge from Fort Armistead Park . . . it simply doesn't survive the translation to serif type very well. Thus we dispatched our roving City Paper photographer to stay up late and bring his camera. Here's a glimpse of the time he had.

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