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The Short List

By Bret McCabe | Posted 5/4/2005

WEDNESDAY: New York’s indie-rock Breaking Laces wins some, loses some at the Mojo Room. Hot Young Tang, plays the drrty (sic) metal at Sonar with Karate Champ and Ashes Remain. The Peabody Latin Jazz Ensemble gets caliente at the Institute’s East Hall. The villainy virtue of Chicago metalcore quintet Dead to Fall hammers the Sidebar with Fight Paris. Psychic Paramount launches from Washington’s Warehouse Next Door with Jenna and Barbara Bush and Trephine.

THURSDAY: Local/singer songwriter Angela Taylor plays the Baltimore Museum of Art’s free First Thursdays concert series in the Sculpture Garden. The Devon Gray Trio—drummer Gray, trumpeter Dave Ballou, and bassist Michael Formanek—gets things moving at Xando’s. The Delegates—who riff on Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros’ world-punk vibe—petition the Sidebar Tavern with Corrupted Youth and Charley Horse. Locals the Hard Headz deliver the live hip-hop to Towson’s Recher Theatre with Natural Causes and Burndown. Dwight Yoakam blames the vain at Rams Head Live. N.J. punk outfit Midtown forgets what you know at the Ottobar with Plain White T’s, Action Action, and Gatsby’s American Dream.

FRIDAY: Judd and Maggie used to love at the Talking Head with Metal Hearts, Gary B and the Antiquated Notions, and Exile in the Kingdom. Sleepy River—the alt-folk nom de band of Mechanicsville’s Justin Kline—stops by the True Vine with Rich Uncle Skeleton, the Beast Bass for Boog, and Yimwu and the Dirty Eyelens. Prem Raja Mahat brings the Nepalese folk to the Ottobar (see Q&A, p. 26). Thee Lexington Arrows rock the Mojo Room with the Lobsters, the Spinns, and the VooDoo Organist. Bassist William Parker is joined by vocalist Leena Conquest and pianist Eri Yamamoto at An die Musik. Baltimore’s Mofofunka cranks out the cool grooves at the New Haven Lounge. The bluegrass-rootsy Hackensaw Boys keep it simple at the Funk Box.

SATURDAY: A Marble Bar reunion show goes down at Warehouse (2930 Washington Blvd.) with Roger Anderson’s Clear, the Molotov Cocktails, Ursula Ricks, the Motor Morons, TT Tucker, Tommy Reed, Chelsea Graveyard and the Screams at Midnight, When Thunder Comes, Thee Katatonix, and Jenkins Hollow. Avant-garde saxophonist Andrew D’Angelo, Icelandic post-everything guitarist Hilmar Jennsson, and one of those players that just makes you happy you’re alive at the same time he is, percussionist Jim Black, gloriously fuck shit up at An die Musik. The Hold Steady has something in its sweat pants for the opening reception of The Documentary Portraiture of Jim Jocoy at the G-Spot with the Fuses and Fascist Fascist. Vincent Black Shadow revs up the Talking Head with Bona Roba, Snatches of Pink, and Jacob Panic. Fighting Chance plays a CD-release show at the Sidebar with Mickey’s Crew, V.P.R., and Nick X Fury. Chester Stacey just slays onstage and gets paid to lie at the Ottobar with Secret Crush Society and Keyboard Man. Meshuggenah gets crazy at the Mojo Room with the Frauds and the Saviours. Mofofunka makes the New Haven move a second night. Moonshine hits the Jerk Store with Awarmgun, Dissystema, Magrudergrind, and Punk System Destroy. Monger, Puddle, and others play a a benefit for a Hampden skate park at Frazier’s on the Avenue. Local percussionist Michael Wright plays solo at the Red Room at Normals Books and Records with a duo of Andrew Lafkas and Bryan Eubanks. Jersey Shore hardcore outfit the Little Rascals spank the Charm City Space with My Turn to Win, Tough Call, and Forced Forward. Soul queen Stephanie Mills gives something real to the 1st Mariner Arena. Country singer/songwriter Julie Roberts wakes up older at Annapolis’ Rams Had Tavern. Shivaree goes too far at Easton’s Avalon Theatre (see "Highway to Well"). Acoustic guitar Vishnu Sir Richard Bishop (see "Royal Highness") takes your brain out, ties it into a knot, and shoves it back in through the nose at Washington’s 611 Florida with Mouthus and Double Leopards.

SUNDAY: Julia Martin plays a 3 p.m. show at An die Musik. Deerhoof continues to win over indie kids with its nicer version of U.S. Maple at the Ottobar with Why?, One Long Lash, and Nedelle. The Skakabobs skadoodle into Fletcher’s with Defawnk. Third Eye Blind, the grunge-lite arena-rock band for the weekend hip, can’t get away from the Rams Head Live. Burning Rosewood plays the Recher’s local spotlight show with We Need a Singer, Karmella’s Game, and Morning for the Masses. Off Transmission get postrock at the Talking Head with Light. Snoop Dogg is all ’bout freaking you at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va.

MONDAY: Sightings level the Floristreespace (405 W. Franklin St., Sixth Floor) with Wzt Hearts, Moonshine, and Nick Barna. Isolorezo hits the Charm City Space. Cleveland’s indie-rocking Lovedrug blacks out at the Ottobar with Chase Pagan and Isle of View. The Peabody Trio performs Beethoven piano trios at Griswold Hall. Butch Walker is unabashedly pop-rock at Washington’s Black Cat with the Low Million and the Fags. Austin’s fabulously named Crack Pipes play some of the greatest always-about-to-fall-to-shit garage rock since Supercharger at Washington’s Warehouse Next Door with the Goners.

TUESDAY: Pop-punk yawn Punchline is one at the Ottobar with A Thorn for Every Heart and This Day and Age. Art-folk trio Earlimart trembles at the Rams Head Live with Okkervil River, Kevin Devine, and Brachiation.

WEDNESDAY: Neil Hamburger remains the world’s most obtuse comic upstairs at the Ottobar. Seattle’s soul-rocking Maktub says what it means at the Funk Box with Scratch Track. Local ethno-dance bug Telesma stings Sonar with Project 301.

IN THE WINGS: The Charm City All Star Pop Fest goes down May 20 at the Mojo Room with Tim Kaye, Mandy Butrum, Chris Myers, Elise Major, Chris Hamilton, and Acacia Sears. (For more information, call [410] 325-7427 or visit Reunited late-1970s postpunk conceptualist art-anti-poser stalwart Gang of Four plays Washington’s 9:30 Club May 20. (For more information, call [202] 393-0930 or visit GZA, J-Live, Vast Aire, and C-Rayz Walz play Sonar May 24. (For more information, call [41] 32708333 or visit

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