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Random selections from the archives.

Good Hair Days

By Brennen Jensen | Posted 3/8/2000

I'm in midtown Baltimore, inside the elaborate penthouse apartment of a long-dead movie star. I've come to talk to a lawyer about artwork made from human hair. [MORE]

Down the Shore

By Charles Cohen | Posted 8/14/2002

More than 60 years ago, Harry Horney picked up a handyman job replacing the concrete sidewalk behind a yellow asbestos-shingled cottage that overlooked the Middle River--a shore shack. Since he was then courting the shack owner's daughter (he eventually married her), Horney made sure he did a good job, adding an extra stretch of concrete leading to the outhouse. [MORE]

Tony Award

By Tom Chalkley | Posted 5/28/2003

For more than 35 years, a neatly dressed man sat at an easel at Fawn and High streets in Little Italy, drawing and painting scenes of Baltimore and Maryland. Handsome and dignified, Tony DeSales was a full-fledged Baltimore character, hailed by restaurant patrons and lifelong neighbors, dubbed Little Italy's "ambassador" by journalists and politicians. [MORE]

Flickering Memories

By Brennen Jensen | Posted 3/4/1998

When Robert Headley goes downtown he avoids the 500 block of North Howard Street. It's too sad of a sight. [MORE]

First Blood

By Tom Chalkley | Posted 4/23/2003

Before getting to our intended business, Louis Fields (pictured) wants to take me on a quick tour. We drive around Fells Point, checking out three brand-new signs that mark sites associated with the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass. [MORE]

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