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The Nose

Whoops, and Whoops Again

Posted 8/31/2005

City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell is no slouch, but even sharp tacks have dull moments. And so it was on Aug. 25, when the Nose received—along with, we’re sure, most every other local media type with a fax number—a press release from the 11th District Democrat with the following headline: “Councilman Mitchell Continues His Focus on Eduaction for the Upcoming School Year.” (The emphasis is all ours.) We took the opportunity to help out with a phone call explaining the typo, and minutes later a corrected version spat out over the wire.

The amusing episode reminds us of an earlier malaprop issued from another of Mobtown’s sharper tacks: a June press release from then-Health Commissioner Dr. Peter Beilenson, who at the time was preparing to retire to run for Congress. “In conjunction with his departure from the Health Department,” the release stated, “Dr. Belenson will share important tips for health prevention and promotion that he has collected during his tenure as a public health officer.” Not only is his name misspelled, but, according to this, he pushes something called “health prevention”—a concept that sounds anything but healthful.

Keiffer Mitchell, the “eduaction” councilman. Peter Beilenson, the “health prevention” candidate. As Yogi Berra might say, “Nobody don’t like these guys.”

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