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Murder Ink

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 9/14/2005

Murders This Week: 5
Murders This Year: 191

Wednesday, Sept. 7

10:12 a.m. Police officers were called to a house fire in the 2100 block of Hollins Street near Bon Secours Hospital. After the fire was put out, an African-American man who lived there was found lying dead on the bedroom floor. He had been stabbed multiple times in the chest. Police believe the fire was an arson, and are waiting until the man’s family has been notified before releasing the victim’s name.

Saturday, Sept. 10

2:20 a.m. William Craig, a 58-year-old African-American man, was found in a Ford Explorer near his home in the 3200 block of Sequoia Avenue in Northwest Baltimore. The front passenger-side window of the SUV was shattered. Craig had been shot several times in the head and upper body. He was taken to Sinai Hospital but died at 3:03 a.m.

12:56 p.m. That afternoon, Darryl Outlaw, a 32-year-old African-American man, was driving in a line of cars from a funeral to a wake. The cars stopped at a red light at the intersection of Laurens and Carey streets in Sandtown-Winchester. Two men on a moped drove up next to Outlaw’s car, shot him several times, and rode off. Outlaw was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he died half an hour later. This is the ninth murder in Sandtown-Winchester this year; the neighborhood averages one murder per month.

2:35 p.m. An hour and a half later, back in Northwest Baltimore, three men were playing cards in the office of the Quantico Car Wash in Central Park Heights. One of the men left, and an African-American man with shoulder-length braids walked into the office counting some money. He asked if he could join the game, then pulled out a handgun and shot Shannon Jemmison, a 30-year-old African-American man, four times in the head and walked out. Jemmison was dead when the police arrived.

8:05 p.m. That night in West Baltimore’s Mosher neighborhood, Brandon Lee, a 25-year-old African-American man, was standing across from his home in the 2700 block of Mosher Street when four men wearing masks started shooting at him. Lee ran, and the men chased after him firing. They hit several cars as well as Lee. When Lee finally fell in the 1000 block of Ashburton Street, the men shot him at least four more times in the head. Lee’s death makes Sept. 10 the second-bloodiest day of 2005, with four murders in one day, just behind Jan. 20, when five homicides took place.

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