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Ooh, Scary!

Halloween Masks VI: A New Beginning

Jefferson Jackson Steele

The Thing That Wouldn't Crawl Off and Die

He's been scandalized, disgraced, exiled from his lifelong profession, and locked away in prison, and still Ed Norris keeps coming back like a slasher-flick villain.Download a larger version here

Frank Klein

The Evil Eye

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? You are—mwahhahahahahah! (For those of you who live in the city’s more upscale neighborhoods and may never have seen one, that’s a CitiWatch camera, protecting and serving and, you know, just keeping track of people and their activities, whether they’re doing anything illegal or not.) Download a larger version here

The Unwanted

If we build it, will they come? Or will the halls of the forthcoming $305 million city-owned convention center hotel stand empty, bereft of dollar-spending tourist souls, collecting echoes and cobwebs while we citizens continue to pay it off for all eternity (or at least many, many years)? Gulp. Download a larger version here

The School Master

We’re not really sure what’s so scary about state Superintendent of Schools Nancy Grasmick, but . . . well, a lot of the schools sure are scary. And every now and then she threatens to swoop in and take over all or part of the city schools, which oddly enough doesn’t make us feel much more reassured. Download a larger version here


What’s more terrifying than Del. Don Dwyer’s single-/simple-minded anti-gay-rights campaign? The fact that Anne Arundel County voters elected him in the first place. Download a larger version here

Posted 10/26/2005

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