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The Nose

Alternative Hate

The Aryan Alternative

Posted 11/16/2005

Sun columnist Susan Reimer is prone to flippant homilies. The Nose liked this one in particular, from a June 2003 piece titled “Grow up, men: We need you in the family”: “Aside from a 29-inch waist and a full head of hair, there isn’t much to recommend the 20-something male.” It was a snappy way to open a sermon that dissed a big, easy target with a broad brush, and it was bound to piss someone off. It did, though it took some time.

Two and a half years after that column appeared, misogynist, anti-Semitic scribe John Allington responded to Reimer, his vitriol finally stewed to the boiling point. And he did so in the only publication likely to print his hateful ideas, The Aryan Alternative, which published Allington’s rambling piece, “The Useless Young Male,” in the its most recent issue.

“She can write these things in our effete Jewish press with no risk to her career,” Allington wrote of Reimer. “Few will call her names for what she wrote.” And then Allington did just that, calling Reimer a “disingenuous bitch.” He went on to use a brush broader than Reimer’s in penning the following poison: “Let me make something absolutely clear. American women, in aggregate, are the most ungrateful bitches on the planet.”

Copy such as Allington’s is how The Aryan Alternative hopes to grow and prosper. And it’s working, if editor and publisher Alex Linder of Kirksville, Mo., is to be believed. Twenty thousand copies of issues No. 1 (late 2004) and No. 2 (spring 2005) were printed and distributed, he claims in an editor’s note, and 50,000 copies of the current issue No. 3 are now being circulated nationally “on college campuses and in white neighborhoods,” including parts of the Baltimore area. The Nose found our copy of the 16-page tabloid recently in a Hunt Valley subdivision.

What else does the Aryan Alternative’s latest issue have to offer? Well, Allington’s prose is downright civilized compared to the rest. “Savages in the Streets” focuses on post-Katrina looting in New Orleans with such choice thoughts as this: “Katrina flashed whites an eternal truth: ‘African-American’ is pretty for ‘jungle savage.’ The question is: why do we pretend it is otherwise?” Then there’s “Mexican = Infectsican,” positing that “illegal aliens carry dread diseases long dead in white West.” And this: “Jews murdered 600,000,000 white men in the Twentieth Century.”

From whence the money to underwrite such hate? There are no advertisements in The Aryan Alternative. Its revenue is based, presumably, on subscriptions, which cost $5 for four issues, according to its masthead. That couldn’t possibly cover printing costs, which, our knowledgeable sources tell us, would run in the neighborhood of $5,000 per 50,000-copy issue. The Nose tried to ask Linder by calling his phone number, listed in the paper, but it rang and rang with no answer or answering machine. Even if we did reach him, though, he’d likely keep mum about his financing.

On other matters, though, we bet Linder would relish talking. After all, each write-up about his publication brings publicity, and there’s no such thing as bad press when you’re in the hate business. But his work manifests the fact, often glossed over, that overt racism continues in our culture. And, given the professed growth in the Aryan Alternative’s circulation, it may be spreading.

The First Amendment protects the likes of Linder on this score, as it should. But the First Amendment is also useful in pointing out the existence of Linder and his kind, so that reasonable minds can know that battling racism remains a never-ending endeavor.

And thus, the Nose is drawn to another recent exercise in free speech: The Washington Times, in a Nov. 2 article, pointing out that Democrats in Maryland have been hesitant to condemn racist barbs tossed at Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, a black Republican running for U.S. Senate in Maryland. The Times reported that Steele withstood a hail of Oreo cookies during a 2002 appearance at Morgan State University (an account that is now being called into question), being called “Uncle Tom” by the Maryland Senate president, and being depicted on a liberal blog as a black-faced minstrel saying, “I’s Simple Sambo and I’s running for the Big House.” That last, in particular, could have been printed in The Aryan Alternative.

On this, Maryland Democratic Senate candidate Kweisi Mfume has emerged as the voice of fair play. “There are too many bigots in too many places,” Mfume said in a Nov. 3 Times article, by way of roundly condemning the racist anti-Steele-isms.

Whether it’s Reimer on young men, Allington on Reimer, The Aryan Alternative on all who aren’t white, or Dems on black Republicans, such speech comes with a cost: reason.

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